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Major Update – The New Toggl Is Here!

Please give a very warm welcome to Project Snowball – a completely revamped Toggl webapp!

If you’re not seeing it yet, don’t worry – we’ll be rolling out the new webapp for all users through October and November.

While this update won’t introduce any major new features, it will make using Toggl a whole lot easier. The changes we’ve made are based on years of feedback from you, the Toggl community.

I can’t wait! Can I get it now?

If you want to try out the new design simply click on the yellow “Switch to new Toggl” notification in the bottom right corner of your Timer page.


But enough chit-chat, let’s dig right into the exciting stuff, shall we?

Improved timer page

New Toggl timer page

People only track their time properly if it’s simple to do. Toggl has always been easy to use, but this update makes the timer page much more understandable. How?

We’ve given the timer page more space for displaying your description, project names and labels. You know, cause it’s kinda nice to actually see things.

Faster insight with header charts

We’ve moved the weekly chart right under the timer field so you can quickly get an overview of your week.

Oh, and since a lot of you asked for it – you can also use it to view your daily stats!

Additionally, if you’re using Toggl Desktop and have timeline tracking enabled, you’ll be able to see which specific sites and apps you’ve been spending your time on.

Simpler, faster navigation

New Toggl sidebar for better navigation

Nope, we didn’t just move the menu from the top to the sidebar – we went through all the advanced Toggl features and put the most important stuff right at your fingertips, so you can get the information that you need, exactly when you need it.

Seamless switching of timer modes

How to switch Toggl to manual mode

With Toggl you can either track in real time or add time manually.

Before, switching between those two modes was a bit clunky – after this update you can quickly jump between the modes with a single click!

Better grouping of time entries

Don’t you hate it when you have a lot of short time entries that make the timer page long and cluttered?

Or how the old continue mode didn’t show you when you had stopped the entry to take a break? Worry no more:

Toggl grouped time entries

With the new update, all your identical time entries will be grouped together by default, so they’ll be much easier to find. And if you do need to view the individual entries, all you have to do is expand the group!

Honestly, things have not been this tidy since my mum helped clean up my place six weeks ago (so pretty damn tidy).

A new notification center

Every now and then we’ll reach out to you about important news and updates. Don’t worry, we won’t be too annoying!

All the colors!

Some of you have asked for more colors for your projects – how does 16 million sound?

The new color picker will let you pick colors to your heart’s content. So until they invent new colors, you should be set (and no, we don’t have vantablack).

Mind you, the color picker is a feature exclusive to Toggl Pro workspaces.


All in all, we hope you’ll enjoy the new Toggl and that you’ll spend many, many more hours with us. We also hope you’ll continue to send in your feedback and share your thoughts on the app, so we can keep making it better.

Many thanks,

The Toggl team.


By On October 4, 2016

  1. Vedran Fak
    November 17, 2016 at 3:47 pm
    But, but, we’re right here ????

    No…. you’re not. You’re some phony tool trying to be like Toggl

  2. […] In addition, our mobile apps have been lagging behind with some of the many new and improved features of Toggl. […]

  3. I have been testing the new Toggle features for a while and I must admit they have definitely made it way more user-friendly and straightforward to use.
    Great job!

  4. Hello!, is timeline for the os sierra app working?, cannot make it work properly, it doesn’t show me the percentage of usage on websites and apps. Please fix this or i will have to switch to another app 🙁

  5. My team has been using the new update (mostly desktop Web) for a while and HATES, HATES, HATES it. Universally. To a one. Me, too.

    Not because it’s different, but because it’s:
    1) Missing features. Many things that used to work, no longer do. So optimized for timer, that you cannot just type in times easily at all. It used to accept typing decimal times, now it requires hh:mm:ss formats, and when changing seems to always need the start and end times, so you cannot just type a total time to enter.

    2) Buggy. It doesn’t always do what you ask, but it does always scroll to the top when you submit a change to hours, so it’s impossible to tell easily what it did do. And that’s just one.

    Me, I also hate how it assumes gesture/wheel scroll. The tiny, tiny, tiny custom scrollbars are awful. I live by my Wacom tablet, and scrolling is well nigh impossible.

    We design experiences for mobile, desktop, and much more. It makes us crazy to use something we used to love, and which has gotten so hard to use now. Is it just us?

  6. It has been month since the last time I used Toggl to enter my working hours.

    Now with this new interface I don’t know how to do that. Why you change something which is working?

    This new interface is really difficult to make entries, haven’t yet figured out how to do that.

    Is there option in preferences to get an old UI back?

  7. This new Timeline already reported time is really helpful, but it could be even more so if there was a way to point at something in the timeline and then create a time entry directly from it. No need to remember starting time, duration etc – just one click “Create timereport”. Keep up the good work.

  8. For those of us who use the key pad on the side with just numerical symbols for data entry, the older version allowed entering time faster, as we did not have to enter “h” after 2.5 to indicate 2.5 hours. Otherwise, the new design seems more streamlined.