“Just Say No” – How to Save Time by Managing Your Opportunities [Infographic]

Ryan Robinson 1st October, 2015 No comments

Ryan Robinson is an entrepreneur and content marketer who teaches people how to create meaningful self-employed careers.

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This Girl Is Faking Her Timesheets (and It’s Not Her Fault)

Mart Virkus 24th September, 2015 No comments

Meet Katya. The name has been changed, because she is guilty of the most heinous crime imaginable – faking her timesheets.

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What It’s Like Working for Toggl (and How You Can Join Us)

Mart Virkus 22nd September, 2015 4 Comments

We have a lot of different people working at Toggl, doing so in a lot of different ways. So we thought we’d shed some light into what their days look like – and kindly invite you along for the ride.

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Introducing Toggl Business

Liisa Toompuu 21st September, 2015 No comments

Today I am thrilled to introduce to you Toggl Business – a new time management package where effortless employee time tracking meets faster, easier control for managers.

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Scheduled Maintenance on September 22

Mart Virkus 18th September, 2015 No comments

Our service provider will be doing some maintenance on September 22nd, between 0:30 AM and 6:30 AM CDT.

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What’s new in Toggl Desktop (and Our Plans for the Future)

Indrek Vändrik 16th September, 2015 4 Comments

Once again the summer has flown by in an instant. It’s time to change gears and start flying to new horizons with Toggl Desktop. This blog post will reflect on thing we got done this summer and will show our vision for the near future of Toggl Desktop.

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