How to Get Customer Feedback (Even When You’re Short on Time)

Kat Boogaard 24th July, 2017 No comments

Ask any product manager about how they set priorities, and all of them will be quick to mention customer feedback.

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To the Person Who Tracked 40 Hours On…

Dunja Lazic 21st July, 2017 No comments

After seeing Spotify’s outdoor user data campaign earlier this year, we decided to do our own. Because we all know, marketing isn’t really about originality – and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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3 Things to Consider When Traveling and Working Remotely

Emma Murray 21st July, 2017 No comments

If you love traveling, being a digital nomad may sound incredibly appealing. Getting paid while trekking around the world, what could be better? Before you toss your furniture, give away your cat and buy a one-way ticket to Thailand, there are a few things you should consider.

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The Weaponized Timesheet (Or, How We All Need to Get Real About Productivity)

Diane Pham 21st July, 2017 No comments

In most any agency, timesheets have long been a pain point between decision-makers and their employees. To management, they are vital for forecasting, budgeting, hiring, measuring efficiency, and saving money.

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3 Reasons to Start Hiring for Skills Instead of Resumes

Dagmar Urb 20th July, 2017 No comments

From startups to tech giants, everyone needs great talent. Hence, acing the recruiting process is vital. Here is why we turned our hiring practice over and have never looked back since.

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And the Winners of the #TogglMaster Contest Are…

Grethel Gahler 18th July, 2017 No comments

It’s time to announce winners for our #TogglMaster campaign!

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