Switching to a Diff Algorithm in the Toggl Mobile Apps

Alfonso Garcia-Caro 11th February, 2016 No comments

Unless you’re a developer, this post will make very little sense to you. But if you’re interested in Toggl mobile apps’ inner workings, then we’re happy to share what we’ve learned working on them.

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Last Chance to Enter Our Toggl Button iPad Contest!

Mart Virkus 8th February, 2016 No comments

Our Toggl Button developer challenge is coming to an end on February 14th.

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20 Essential Apps Every Digital Nomad Needs in Their Life [Infographic]

Dunja Lazic 1st February, 2016 No comments

Toggl is a proud remote company with team members in 4 continents and over 10 countries. We work flexibly, set our own results and hours, travel the world while working and still manage to get stuff done.

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Toggl Webapp Development Goals for Q1 2016

Andrin Riiet 21st January, 2016 7 Comments

Toggl might look pretty cool as it is, but we have a lot of things planned for 2016. So let’s jump into Q1, shall we?

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Put Toggl Button inside a website, win an iPad

Mart Virkus 11th January, 2016 No comments

It’s contest time! We’re giving away one iPad and two Raspberry Pi’s for new integrations with our open source Toggl Button project.

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Why the Humble Paper Notebook is Still The Greatest Productivity Tool

Jonathan Chan 5th January, 2016 2 Comments

Jonathan Chan writes for Foundrmag about entrepreneurship in the startup era. He is also a fierce proponent of paper notebooks. We asked him to weigh in on the benefits of going analog in a digital world.

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