Zendesk, Xero, Todoist and AnyDo Integration With Toggl Button

Toggl Button Chrome extension now integrates with 6 new services and is used by more than 10 000 togglers already. Get your button from the Chrome webstore and start logging your time! Tweet the news!

The new additional integrations for the online timer are:

If you want to contribute, submit an issue or a suggestion do it here on ‘Issues page’

Special thanks to Gábor EgyedMike Carter and Glenn Pegden for contributing to the project!

By On August 4, 2014

  1. Hi. If someone would like to do the job of making an integration between toggl and liquid planner I would be more than happy to contribute financially. Anyone?

    • This is because Toggl-button is not a Xero add-on. Toggl-button is a chrome extension that seamlessly adds toggl start buttons inside the service’s page.

  2. FYI, for those with hosted Jira instances. Download and follow the install from source instructions, add the matchers for your local instance to manifest.json and viola Toggl button integration with your local Jira instance.

  3. First time I have got excited about a button in a long time. 🙂 Now all I need is a way to associate a github repo with a project on

  4. Are you looking at anytime to integrate with Liquid Planner? I’m all on board if you do. Liquid Planner needs Toggl and Toggl needs Liquid Planner – you people should talk about a merger!

  5. Thanks for the feedback!

    @Felix: Huge gap in Todoist is now fixed!

    @Simeon: The extension requires access to the url property of tabs.

    @Bryan: Does logging out and then back in to Toggl solve the problem?

    @Jules: It already works in Asana.