Hi everybody.

After the new version launch this Tuesday, we have had a lot of not-so-good feedback from our users. It seems that many don’t understand why we needed to change Toggl again. I’ll try to explain why the new version was necessary:

  • For the majority of new users, the old Toggl was very confusing. They did not get what the timers were and how to use them. In addition, the main mission of Toggl – tracking time – was not clear since there were too many navigation options to choose from.
  • The fact that the task’s duration and start/stop times were not strictly synchronized (i.e. the duration did not equal stop minus start time), was another source of confusion. This was also one of the most requested things to update.

Those two were the main drivers that got us into creating a new and re-thought version.

However, based on the recent feedback, it seems that for a lot of you, these changes are not for the better. We would like to know your thoughts on how or what exactly is wrong with the new version. And for that purpose, we constructed a short survey that should give us some insights. Here is the survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BJW6WZV.

Update: Almost 2 weeks have passed, we’ve now stopped collecting responses and are working on the results which will be posted as a separate blog entry.

Since the old version continues to be up and running for the next two months, we have plenty of time to make adjustments and fixes to the new version to make it suitable for you. So, give us your thoughts by filling in the short survey form, and let’s make Toggl better!


Toggl Team