Update (05.01.2012).

After 2 days of instability, we have managed to restore all Toggl functionalities to the norm. Feel free to go back in, try it out and give us feedback yourself! Since we’ve seen the load improving, we can start re-adding some functionalities that we temporarily removed also, including sidebar chart and integrations, so keep an eye out!

So now to explain:

  • The root cause for these events was a toxic cocktail of our database hitting its memory limits due to a fast growth that it experienced, and increased traffic which in a most inconvenient way exposed some parts of unoptimized code.
  • As this indicates, we clearly had scalability issues. We then worked on optimizing the code, and at the same time upgraded our hardware. Sadly there was not an easy or quick enough way out of the situation, but it has now been sorted and we are now better prepared and have contingency plans for the future, should this ever happen again.
  • In general, we recommend using either m.toggl.com, Google Chrome offline extension, or the new Toggl Desktop. These work with much improved offline handling, and can be used for time tracking even in the case of server failure.
  • We’re adding similar offline support to Toggl main page in the upcoming months.

Those were nerve-wrecking hours for you, we are sincerely sorry for all of this, and certainly better prepared for similar issues in the future.

For all Pro users, we will add two days of extra usage of Pro features for free to all of you, to somehwat compensate for the two days that you had to deal with troubled Toggl.



We had major load issues yesterday, which caused Toggl to behave slow and be occasionally unavailable.

The main cause of the issues was the graph/chart on the home page – there was an error in the request for this graph. Unfortunately the existence of this error only emerged yesterday when we had the largest amount of traffic in Toggl’s lifetime, and parallel to that, a very large number of reports were generated.

For the above reason, that chart has temporarily been removed, but will be returned soon.

Due to a considerable increase in the number of Toggl users recently there are also other requests that need optimizing. Also, I admit that we should have coordinated the notifying of our team and users about the load problems more efficiently.

I apologise again for the problems that occurred yesterday. Availablity is a high priority for us and we will continue working towards improving this long-term.