Wunderlist Integration & Project Selection With Toggl Button

There has been a lot of changes in the Toggl Button front lately. We took a big step and converted the extension from page extension to browser extension. This means that there is no more page action icon in the right side of the address bar. Instead we have a browser action icon that is always visible just right from the address bar. This change gives us freedom to implement more complex features.

Browser action icon

Toggl button has three different states that are expressed by different icons.

  • Grey icon with “x” on it means that you are currently not logged in.
  • Grey icon without “x” on it means that you are logged in, but there is currently no entry running.
  • Red icon means that you are logged in to Toggl and a time entry is currently running.

Hovering on the browser action icon shows the name of the currently running entry in a tooltip.

Log in and out from extension

Now you can log in and out without going to This can now be done inside the browser action popup.



Settings view

We’ve added a settings view to let the users choose what features they want enabled in their extension. We currently have two settings:

  • Post start popup
  • Websocket (Live updates)

Post start popup

With post start popup it’s possible to edit the time entry right after starting it. When this setting is activated the post start popup appears inside the web page just on top of the Toggl button link. From this popup you can edit the time entry description and select project. Don’t forget to click “Update” for the changes to take effect.



Live updates

Live updates means that the running time entry information is always up to date. When ever the running entry changes or stops, your extension will know about it.

New tools added

With the latest update we like to welcome Wunderlist and Trac to the family of supported tools. Big thanks to Sascha Schuenemann and Steve Farbota for creating these integrations.

Next steps

As you can see we kicked in the next gear with the Toggl Button development and it seems that we won’t be slowing down just yet. Next planned feature is the so called “Nag nanny”, that let’s you know if you have been working with the browser but have not been tracking your work.

You are all welcome to join the development by creating issues and sending pull requests

Keep your eyes open for updates and keep Toggling!

By On September 19, 2014

  1. I started using the wunderlist with toggl today but for some reason when i do that i can’t have the entry on toggl to Save duration only (continues on top of the existing time entry). instead it keeps making new entries every time i stop and play.
    is there a way to deal with that? on my toggl account i have it set to Save duration only (continues on top of the existing time entry) and it works if i add the entry on toggl but doesnt if i enter it through wunderlist. suggestions?

    • Currently the duration only mode is not supported in Toggl Button extension. I will look into this and see if this is something that can be added.