On a Wrong Side of Digital Divide


I have been working as the Office Manager in Toggl for over 6 years and only Yesterday was the first time when I had to ask my coworkers “What the hell are you talking about?” It happened just when we were discussing ideas for our video ­(that’s a secret for now).

Time stopped. My co-workers stared at me as I had to reveal I didn’t know the meaning of following words:

  • Mockup (Sounds like some kind of coffee with milk?)
  • Tweet (Fine english breakfast tea?)
  • UI (Ummmm!?..??)
  • Slot (A nice alcoholic drink with umbrellas?)
  • Time Entry (I have no idea).

And so on.

I surprised them even more by telling them I don’t have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. I could almost hear them thinking: Oh my, you are like an analog telephone and we are super modern blazing fast Androids.

Nice comparison, don’t you think? Let me elaborate.

I don’t want to be like a billboard, visible to everyone driving by. I don’t gather online friends nor likes. I don’t share pictures, snaps or moods. I don’t write comments on someones wall (I think it sounds too much like hooliganism).

I have real, physical friends I meet and talk in person. I like myself and I don’t need others to reinforce the feeling day to day. My moods change quite often and I don’t want to blast them all over the world.

I find there’s too much noise, speed, rush and worries around us. We use up our time for meaningless things. You cannot ever get back your time you spent on watching yet another kitten movie in Youtube.

But I’m not a luddite – I need my technical devices, too. I can’t work without my laptop. I need my phone to contact people or organize things. And I need my sports watch (my only real weakness, I believe) to really help keep me in shape.

I don’t forbid my children all the gadgets because I can understand they might need all this, they need to walk the walk of their peers, talk the talk of their friends. But for me, I have seen it and I want a U-turn.

So what if I don’t know those terms from the start! I’ll keep my mind free of distractions – I don’t need to gather all this information of digital world into my head. I try to use my imagination, I use improvisation to get through life. Perhaps I’m on the wrong side of the digital divide as I want to put everything into slow motion, perhaps the whole world is actually normal. But for me it is important that I’ll be still me, the “me” I like even if no one “likes” me for this.

By On April 17, 2014