Workspaces In New Toggl

Hi all Togglers!

This blog post is about workspaces in Toggl, to show you all that is now better 😉

Everything you do in Toggl gets allocated to a workspace: time entries, projects, team, features.. Hence your Pro subscriptions, Settings and Reports are all workspace-specific. In the New version, there are two places to manage workspaces: a general Workspaces page where you can see all the workspaces you belong to, and an administrators-only page where they can change Workspace Settings.

Let’s start with the Workspace Settings page. This is what you´ll see:

workspace settings page overview

In general, you can do the same things as you did in the older version:

  • Change workspace name
  • Set up rounding and currency preferences
  • Upload logo
  • Create/delete tags
  • Set up a default billable rate
  • Modify access rights to projects and billable rates

There are two major changes, though:

1) Clients no longer have their own page – they can now be created and deleted from this Workspace Settings page

2) There is now a User Groups feature – to make managing large workspaces much, much easier. Long story short – create a User Group on this page, then add users to it on the Team page, and then allocate this group to a project. All group users will be members in this project immediately. When a new user joins, just add them to this group to give them access to all necessary projects with just one click.

Don´t forget to press the green “Save” button on top when you make changes!

The second page for Workspaces gives each user an overview of all workspaces they belong to:

workspaces page overview

 On this page, you can:

  • Upgrade any of your workspaces
  • Go straight to the Workspace Settings page (if you’re an administrator)
  • Activate/reset your iCal integration
  • Leave a workspace
  • Create new workspaces

Everything is as simple as it looks, but if you do need any help, feel free to contact us at


By On December 12, 2013