Work hard, play hard – new in Toggl since January

It’s crazy how it’s almost the end of April already! Time has flown by at Toggl this year – as it always does when you’re having fun 🙂 And fun we have here, so I thought I’ll share some of it with you guys today.

First, let’s talk about the ‘work hard’ – here’s a selection of just five (out of many more) new things that were released in Toggl between January and March this year:

Toggl Team

  • Improved CSV import – the format is clearer, the logs easier to understand, and you can now import just plain lists of clients or projects or users if you need to.
  • Toggl Desktop 4 – brand new design, faster and more stable time tracking compared to its predecessors.
  • Gorgeously refreshed public web & tour – take a look when you’re logged out, no words can describe the new landing page with the online timer (and PS: there’s more where that came from!).
  • Timeline – to help you privately (no one else can see it anywhere) keep track of your day and application usage.
  • Public API version 8 – in the words of the developers: better, faster, stronger.

Second, two new awesome people joined our team: Grethel to take control of the Support Team, and Aleksandr to bring the Toggl online timer’s new design from our heads into reality (keep an eye out for some sneak peaks in later posts..). There’s really nothing for me to add that could beat what is said about them on the Team page, just the fact that it’s really great having them here!

Last, but definitely not least – let’s turn to the ‘play hard’ part. In the beginning of April, shortly after our April fool’s joke, we retreated into the (still) snowy forest where we planned Toggl and Teamweek’s future awesomeness, and then… Again, words fail me, but the pictures below should say everything 😉

Testing the hardware. Notice the snow under our feet – we originally had canoeing planned….
Pre deploy check - it's all about the aim, Indrek said.
Pre deploy check – it’s all about the aim, Indrek said.
Aleksandr - born to be Robin Hood
Aleksandr – born to be Robin Hood

The weekend tested the limits of how much fun we can have, and we passed the test with flying colours, and with only a few casualties.. 😛

So. Upwards and onwards now with many more new and exciting things coming up in Toggl watch this space!

By On April 26, 2013