Woo-Hoo, One Lucky Toggler Won an iPad Air!

Some Toggl team members looking at the super-sophisticated algorithm that chose the winner for iPad Air.
Toggl team members waiting for the custom algorithm to choose the winner of iPad Air.

We just wrapped up the “Plug Toggl” campaign and as promised, will give away an iPad Air to one lucky toggler who recruited friends to sign up.

Drum roll please………and the lucky winner is Brandon!!! We have contacted him personally and will figure out the shipping and other details really soon. So, if your name is Brandon, check your mailbox!

We also decided to contact and send Toggl T-shirts to some of the best recruiters as well. If there are any other Toggl fans who feel that they should also be rewarded for their contribution to sharing the Toggl love, contact us, share your story and we’ll figure something out 🙂

Big thanks to everybody who spread the word about Toggl!

By On February 17, 2014

  1. after reading and thereafter having clicked away the yellow link above on the timer-page every time, the ‘sticky note’ gets pretty annoying since it returns every time i open the timer-page… could it a once clicked away item not alway be hidden?

  2. Hey Andreas!

    We will consider using the personal invitation links again in some other form inside Toggl and your feedback really gives some good ideas on how to do it. So thanks a lot for your feedback 🙂

  3. Are there any more incentives to share a personalised link when spreading the word about Toggl? It’s easy enough just telling people about it, but sometimes it’s good to know if people clicked your referral link, and if they signed up even if you don’t win a prize – but I guess an idea would be free Pro access for X number of sign-ups?

    Anyways, just a thought and interesting to hear Toggle is in Estonia! I never knew… speaking of names… yes that is my real name! Greets from the UK!

  4. Hey guys! We would happily reward you in some other ways for sharing Toggl love. Just send an e-mail to and let us know your T-shirt size, and postal information.

    Shipping isn’t an issue. The winner, Brandon, is in fact located in USA and Toggl office is in Estonia.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here!