We’ve had some serious increase in traffic. At first Toggl was noticed by DownloadSquad (read their article from here), and then LifeHacker (their article) and others (ForeverGeek, PimpYourWork, etc.) followed.

Thanks for the attention, we’re working hard to respond to the feedback and fix the issues you mentioned.


By On May 2, 2007

  1. Hi Farhan,

    we had just discovered the same problem and corrected it yesterday, so now it works correctly again. Apparently there was a typo in the link due to refactoring Toggl a bit.

    Sorry about that,

    • May not be relevant is Firefox 9.0.1 not plinayg well with Toggl? The above thread discusses issue on Toggl’s end, but just wanted to ask to rule out coincidental timing of update of Firefox web browser. Hitting the Stop button apparently doesn’t register but after a short time, entries show up. So far, manageable. It’s a lovely app,