Holiday Offer – Get 20% Extra Pro Credit

Great news, Togglers!

From Dec 21st to Jan 11th, we’ll add 20% extra Pro credit, if you pay for a year.

Just go to your subscription page and make the pre-payment!

If you’re using a Free plan, you’ll need to upgrade first.

Upgrading let’s you take advantage of many advanced features, including:

  • bigger team size
  • billable rates/decimals/rounding
  • project dashboards and a lot more

Happy holidays!

Toggl founders have also created Teamweek, a project planner and team calendar offering a holiday discount. *Have a look now!*

By On December 21, 2015

  1. Hi there Toggl, I have to echo the comments above regarding transparency for this prepayment discount. I could not find an explanation anywhere on the site clarifying what I would be getting for this pre-payment. In order to take advantage of a discount, I need to be able to quantify what it means and I could not do that here.

    I’m relieved to see I’m not the only one questioning this. I thought I was missing something.

  2. I don’t quite understand this either. I have to pay $60 and get 20% credit. What am I getting? Or I can pay $49 for a year (I had previously been paying monthly). Can you explain?

  3. I love Toggl it´s the best Time Tracking I ever used. The support is also wonderful. I´ve been tracking my time for 18 years now and since Toggl came, I only use half the time for tracking and get 200% more BI from it. I upgrade to PRO from time to time even though I don´t need it. Just to support your wonderful program. Thanks thanks thanks!

  4. So the only way to use my $12 credit from last year’s upfront payment is to not take this year’s upfront payment offer, use my earned credit, and when that runs out renew at the standard price. There is no explanation of how this works on your site and it is slightly deceptive. Still enjoy your product, but your business practices could use some polish.

  5. I really like Toggl and use it all the time, but I won’t upgrade to a pro plan until it also allows me to create invoices for my clients.

    I don’t want to have to pay for two different platforms to handle time tracking and invoicing. Especially if they don’t work automatically together.

    See as an example of a service doing both that I would pay for. If matches this functionality I will sign up in a heartbeat.

    Thank you.