Hey you all !

Here´s another blog post from the New Toggl series. This one is about the last, but definitely not least, Report – the Weekly Report.

You will find the Weekly Report if you hover over the Reports menu. When you click on Weekly, this is what you´ll see:

overview õige


The filters work here in the exact same way as they do in Summary and Detailed reports. This is how Weekly report differs, though:

1) You can always only see one week at a time. You can change the day that your week starts from your My Profile page.

2) You can group your data by Project or User. The result will be shown in Time or Earnings, depending on what information is more important for you.

The cogwheel icon on the right side allows you to set up your Duration display and switch On/Off the Rounding feature. You can edit your rounding preferences from the Workspace Settings page.

Next to the cogwheel, you can also export this report into a CSV or PDF file.

If you have any feedback and/or suggestions, feel free to contact us at support@toggl.com

Your Support Team.