Web and widget updates

We launched a new version of Toggl.

The most visible update is under the “Recent tasks” tab. There is a new link “Show me more tasks”, which will do just what it says. It loads 4 more days into your recent tasks list.

The widget is also improved a bit. Now it remembers its size and position. So, next time you open the widget, it will be there where you left it.

The widget automatically notifies you of available new versions. Or, you can get it here: download Toggl Widget.


Toggl Team

By On June 4, 2009

  1. Hi Geoffrey, you can switch back to the Classic Timer view easily. Just right-click (or Ctrl-click) the Toggl Widget icon on the dock, and select Timer Classic from the pop-up menu.

    Thanks for the feedback, we’re continuously improving Timer Nano.

  2. Hi. I’ve been a Toggl user for about 5 months now, and I just want to mention some user interface issues with the new widget (I’m using the Mac version). I’ve recently started doing projects with planned tasks, and it was great to be able to see all of my planned tasks clearly listed under a given project in the old widget. Now that I’ve updated to the new widget, I see that I need to take an extra step to search for the tasks I plan to do in the new interface. Frankly, this is frustrating. Also, I’m not liking the fact that auto-fill list on the new task description field cannot narrow planned and in-progress tasks by project. It only sorts according to alpha-numeric matches in the task description, which is not helpful when someone (like myself) has many planned and in-process tasks with complex descriptions for multiple projects. To remember how I described all my planned tasks requires me to have some kind of backup list to help me search for my task of the moment in the new widget. This is inconvenient. Also, why on earth doesn’t the new widget have the option to remember my login info, which the previous version did? I really am not fond of needing to enter my login information every time I load the widget.

    Please consider remedying these issues. I haven’t used the new widget much yet, but so far I think the old one had more interface advantages for my purposes.

  3. We are working on this issue. The problem is with the new version detection. Even if you have the newest version, it still notifies you with the new version popup.

  4. Have a problem with the Mac widget similar to Sulli – just opens a blank window in the top left of the screen

  5. The Mac version is not working. After updating it says that I still need to update. I have tried deleting and installing with the current file one the site with no luck. Also it is missing any of the Mac window dressing so I can not move it around screen, or minimize it, it just opens in the top left corner.