Using the Cloud to Boost Your Business


What is the cloud? In simple terms, the cloud is a single location on the internet that stores data which in turn can be accessed from just about any corner of the world. The cloud is revolutionizing not only how data is stored, but how we use the internet and run businesses. Keeping up with the times has always been a key factor in making sure that a business stays afloat in the ever changing marketplace. Today, the cloud is changing the face of e-commerce as we know it and businesses need to either hop on the cloud train – or get run over by it.

The upsides of incorporating the cloud into your business to generate more online sales and cut expenses are many, while the negatives are few and far between. Many have argued over security issues relating to cloud storage, but to this day those issues have proved to be non-existent. In this post we are going to look at a handful of reasons why you should consider using the cloud now.

Pay as you go…

Server space is not cheap, and for most businesses your servers will only be used at full capacity over a short stretch of time during the year leaving them mostly dormant while still eating away at your bottom line. The cloud lets you spend less money on wasted server space, growing and shrinking as the business demands. Essentially, you pay for the space you need and nothing else which gives business runners the confidence of being able to expand and meet their client’s needs at a moment’s notice. Additionally, the applications which provides cloud storage essentially manage themselves (including automatic updates) which eliminates the need for expensive IT departments running maintenance on your servers.

A mobile office at your fingertips

One of the beauties of the cloud is the ability to have a mobile office, accessible from anywhere in the world. You can send any type of data – from a client’s contact information to marketing strategies to the cloud making them accessible from any mobile or wired device connected to the internet. This also allows you to view, send or receive orders on the go – smoothing out the process on those busy days where you just can’t be in two different places at the same time.

Back it up

Your files are important, and you don’t need to spend the time and energy making multiple copies of everything in various locations to protect yourself from a system crash or a disaster. Instead of tediously backing up all of your files physically, send them to the cloud where they will be safe and accessible anytime and anywhere. Additionally, many cloud storage applications will automatically save and synchronize your data as you update it – taking yet another step out the equation.

The cloud provides flexible options for any business looking to spread their roots into the ecommerce marketplace. Any creative, forward looking company should start incorporating the cloud into their business structure in small ways and overtime you will find limitless possibilities which can save time, increase revenue and boost your bottom line. It does not take a tech whiz to set up cloud services, but if you feel overwhelmed or are struggling to figure out how to implement the cloud, take advantage of the wisdom of the crowds for some professional ideas on how to make your business better and smarter in today’s changing world. Any success stories with running cloud services in your business? Let us know in the comments below!

By On August 23, 2013

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