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Upgrades to the Toggl Premium Plan

Good news Toggl Premium users — as of today, you will have access to the complete Toggl special feature set!

That’s right you no longer have to choose just one extra feature for your Premium plan.

Here’s the important info:

  1. Your Toggl Premium plan now gives you access to the full advanced feature set
  2. The price of Premium will stay the same – no extra costs there
  3. Enterprise users will be moved to a Premium plan – you’ll keep all the features, but basically pay half as much
  4. The Enterprise plan will instead focus on custom solutions

We’ve been gathering a lot of feedback on the Premium plan, and one thing is absolutely clear — having to pick one extra feature to use with Toggl Premium is too limiting. For new users, it’s also confusing.


The longer story

When we launched Toggl Premium 2 years ago (it was called Toggl Pro Plus back then), we intended it to be a go-to solution for Toggl users who did not need all Enterprise features, especially at the higher Enterprise price point. As people were mostly asking for access to one advanced feature set, we came up with a plan that let them pick an extra feature.

As the Premium plan has grown, however, we’ve seen that more and more people asking for the option to add multiple special features to their plan.

At the same time we’ve found that Enterprise needs are more complicated, and require a different approach than just a fixed feature set at a fixed price.

So, based on this feedback we came to a conclusion that the best thing to do from a user’s perspective, is to eliminate the feature-selection component altogether and give Premium users complete access from the start.

If you’re a Toggl Enterprise user, this change won’t therefore mean any loss in functionality. The only difference will be that your subscription will cost you half of what it used to.

As for Toggl Enterprise, we’ll continue working on it as a custom solution for large and complex workspaces.

Last but not least – a big thank you to all our users for your continued support and feedback! Please keep sending us your thoughts and ideas, as these help us give you the best service possible.

By On September 3, 2018

  1. Well, not great news for those of us that have been around for a long time. More than tripling the price ($4.99 to $18.99 per month) for those that don’t need the extra features is not a deal at all, and in my opinion, would not be considered focusing on your users. Sounds like Toggl is setting up to abandon their faithful long-time users to focus primarily on business and enterprise users. J

  2. I think I’m going to be upgrading from the free plan based on this news! Also, I wanted to let y’all know that you’re missing a golden opportunity to call the toggl blog ‘bloggl’. Just saying.

  3. This is fantastic news. We’ve always wanted to use more features, but could never justify the cost increase. Now we can stop using hack-y methods!