Hello you all!

We just launched a new version of Toggl. Updates include:

  • new payment gateway besides PayPal for Premium subscriptions; no need to create a PayPal account anymore;
  • the user option “Close the running task when browser exits” changed to a “Warn when tracking time while the browser is closed”; that means if you leave a task running and close your browser, then when you return (and have been away for more than 10 minutes), Toggl tells you how long you have been away and offers to keep or remove that time from the task;
  • a small notice flash at the bottom of the Timer that will appear when the Timer is posting information about your work to the server; that servers the purpose of feedback on (un)successful task saves;
  • possibility to resend team member invitations;
  • starting day of the week can now be any day of the week – from Monday to Sunday;
  • appearance modifications for lists to make them more consistent;

We will appreciate every bit of feedback on the updates! It will help us improve Toggl for you.

Thanks for reading!

Toggl Team

By On March 11, 2009