Updates to the new version

We just released a few updates to Toggl 3.0. Here’s what’s new:

  • On the “Home” page, you now can switch between bar chart and pie chart.
  • New report print views. We replaced the PDF exports (which had problems displaying non-standard characters) with prettier print views which also show charts. They give you also more flexibility since you can use your browsers print mechanism to choose between layouts, scale and other options.
  • New invoice design.
  • Possibility to add new tags from the task tag menu.

And a lot more stuff is coming!

If you haven’t already tried out the new version of Toggl, navigate to and check it out!

By On September 28, 2010

  1. I miss the old timer. I can’t figure out how to pause the timer — I keep hitting Stop, then Continue, and it creates a new entry! Isn’t this the advantage of using this kind of system?? … the ability to switch between tasks, pause, etc?? Am I missing something?

    Apart from that, I love the new UI… much easier to use (more ajax, etc. really makes a big difference).

  2. Yes, the “Home” page shows all your tasks from all your workspaces but in reports and settings, you can choose your workspace by clicking on the workspace name in the header.

    The Toggl button will stay as it is in our timers and mobile apps.

  3. It’s okay, I finally found out how workspaces work in the new UI :

    In Settings, the name of the workspace is in fact clickable (it’s blue). Clicking it gives you a dropdown menu allowing you to switch to another workspace. Once you’ve figured it out it all goes smoothly.

    I miss the red Toggl button, though…

  4. I like the new version, however I work a lot with workspaces and couldn’t find how to switch between Wspaces from the new version. Is it planned or am I too near-sighted?

  5. @Rob – Thanks! We’ll think about it when we’ll update reporting.

    @Tunc – Feel free to send us an email with some more specifics on what exactly is wrong with the design of the new version. Thanks!

  6. Many thanks for your great software. A little note for the new version: I’ve just visited the new version and I think the UI design of older version is much better than the new one. Please keep it also for the new one. Because one of the most important thing which I prefer Toggle was its perfect UI design, really.

    Thanks for considering 🙂

  7. Any chance that the new Projects List (Settings > Projects []) can get support for the rounding feature?

    We round all of our time to 15 minutes, and we use this report to identify projects that have gone over.

    Also, I love the URLs, yay link-ability.