Updates: old Nano gone, new Classic improved

We launched a few updates today.

The most important update is that old Nano is now gone and Nano Nova has taken its place. The new Nano acts quite like the old one and the biggest changes are in the design. If you were using the old Nano and have some questions about the new one, let us know by simply leaving a comment here or emailing to our support address.

Another noticeable update can be found on the tasks and report pages. We swapped the autocomplete text fields with an autocomplete/dropdown component. Now you can either select with your mouse or type to select the project you want.

And finally, there are many changes to the new Classic as well. Support for planned tasks and improved past task handling to name a few.


Toggl Team

By On May 25, 2010

  1. I like the look and feel of the new Classic–with one exception. In the old version, I was able to open a task in the timer, input the start and end times, calculate the time and save it–all right there. That functionality seems to have disappeared.

    In the new Classic Nova, there is no option to “calculate.” Now, when I open a task in the timer, I can fill in the date as well as the start and end times, then save,and it will “record” the time — say, 11:37 to 11:45 — in the line under the client name, but it won’t actually log the time. No time recorded in the timer, no time noted in the list of recurring tasks, and no time recorded when I look under “today’s tasks” — even though the actual times are recorded.

    The only way I’ve been able to get the time to actually record is to open the task in the “today’s tasks” screen, then calculate the time, and save again.

    Was this intentional or an oversight? If it was intentional… can I beg and plead that you consider returning the calculate button to the Classic Nova timer? Pretty please with sugar on top?

  2. Nicki, the problem with the last Nano was that although you could record time on on task throughout the week, all the weeks time was recorded on one task on one day (if you didn’t create new tasks every day that is). That means all your week’s time was on Monday. In the new Nano this possibility is gone and now you can track new time every day. That results in more granular view on what you did and how long you did it each day of the week.
    To get a week’s total on one specific task you can use the projects view in reports (grouped by tasks). That report will group and sum your tasks based by the description.

  3. Hi, I have encountered one small problem with the new version. I used to be able to start a task on Monday and record time on it throughout the week. Now when I try to add time to the task the next day it says ‘continue’ and then starts a new task for that day. It looks like I’ll have to add them all up at the end of the week which is fiddly – is there anyway of running the task over the whole week like I used to? Thanks!

  4. Hi Isaac. Try clearing your browsers cache and then reloading the page. It might have something to do with JavaScript caching.

  5. Hey guys – I was using the iGoogle gadget and it seems to be broken for me.

    It will retrieve my tasks just fine, but when I create a new task, it won’t sync to and a yellow notification bar pops up (pops-down?) and says “connection lost”.

    When I go to look at my task in, all that was created was a task with “no description”.

    Why did you break my iGoogle gadget, right after I recommended your product (over google’s gqueues) to one of our consulting agencies?

  6. The new Classic will be available in the next version of Toggl Desktop. It shouldn’t take more than a week.

  7. Is the updated Classic Nova available on the Toggl desktop too?

    I keep switching between the web and the desktop tool, and would love to make the most of the desktop tool with some of the new changes.

  8. The new design looks great….but is it still possible to pop the timer out into its own window, and if so, how?

    Thanks so much for your great timer!