Updates to General Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

It’s been nearly 2 years since our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy were last reviewed. We have grown significantly since then both in functionality and users, embraced remote work and open source coding, and launched a new service plan, Toggl Business.  As such, an update to these documents has been long overdue.

Mostly the changes are linguistic, ensuring that the terms are suitable for both legal and natural persons, and that our numerous external applications are fully covered.

The one significant change in content is in section 5.2 of the General Terms of Service – which now more explicitly accounts for the annual billing cycle that was added with the Business plan pricing tiers. The section in its revised version reads:

Service fees are usually calculated on a per user per month basis (monthly amount per workspace member), and charged monthly or yearly — depending on the Service Plan and other particulars of the subscription.

Please familiarize yourself with the full versions:

The new terms will come into effect on January 1st, 2016. By continuing to use Toggl after that, you agree to the revised General Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

By On November 26, 2015

  1. “ensuring that the terms are suitable for both legal and natural persons”… um, is a natural person not a legal person? Or are you just ensuring the Cylons won’t want to kill you when they rise up?

    • Of course, why would we want to discriminate against the Cylons, our kind and hopefully generous future overlords, praised be Technos!

  2. Thanks for the support, all!
    Alex and Marcin – apart from the paragraph I shared, there really were mostly just changes in terminology and linguistics. For example, the terms ‘Workspace’ and ‘Workspace Data’ were replaced by ‘User Environment’ and ‘User Data’ respectively (this meant they had to be changed in a lot of places all across both the Terms and Privacy Policy, too). Another example is that we used to have detailed instructions on how to close your account (go to “My Profile”, click on .. etc), but since these exact setups change occasionally, it made sense to just indicate that instructions are available in our Support forum. Another example – point 17 used to be titled “Choice of Law and Jurisdiction”, now “Law” and “Jurisdiction” are separated into two points for sake of absolute clarity. These and other similar cosmetic changes made the before/after document so red that sharing it wouldn’t really benefit anyone, trust me 😉