Updates on current downtime

[1:05 PM EST] Toggl is stable, we’re monitoring the situation. Thank you all for being so patient with us! We do not want to let you down in the future. There will be a post mortem blogpost soon, and we’ll continue working on keeping up with the growth.

[12:35 PM EST] There are still issues with Google login. We’re working on the fix.

[12:16 PM EST] Toggl is up and running (except for the Timeline feature, that has been temporarily disabled). We may experience system slowdowns further down the road. Will keep you posted!

[12:02 PM EST] There are improvements, we’re moving towards full uptime. Reports should be accessible real soon.

[11:55 AM EST] Some instances of Toggl are up and running, while others are yet having problems. Still working on fixes.

[11:34 AM EST] Sadly no ETA yet. We’re still working. This downtime is not related to the new homepage or video. It coincides with the release, but is not caused by that. Your data is safe, it will be accessible once we’re up and running properly.

[11:18 AM EST] Still updating server configurations. There is no ETA yet for getting back up.

[11:00 AM EST] Some users should already be accessing Toggl. Things should be better for the rest of you soon!

[10:45 AM EST] Sadly, Toggl is not yet operational. We’re still working.

[10:33 AM EST] Still no ETA, we’re still working on the resolve.

[10:16 AM EST] We’re having a lot of traffic, adding hardware. No ETA, but we’re really looking for a fast resolve.

[10:01 AM EST] Really sorry to report having downtime! Ironically it’s not related to the previous outage we had in January. Our infrastructure people are working on it, and I keep updating this post every 15 minutes until the issue is resolved.

By On February 5, 2015

  1. My toogl desktop is still reporting ‘Offline. 6 entries not yet synced’ (Feb 6 11:00 GMT). When I hover over the message, it says ‘Failed to push data to Model name: true, status: 500’.

    What do I have to do to get it working again?

    I’m using toggl desktop on 64-bit linux mint (the old one – the new one is a major step backwards).

  2. @Scott, Asana sync is now back.

    @JJJ The newest Mac version of Toggl Desktop already supports offline use, Windows version will follow closely.

    @Adham There will be an updated version next week which will fix this issue. Sorry for that!

  3. I wish the Desktop version could let one still track time locally when offline. As I understand it, I couldn’t login today due to Toggl’s server issues (whatever they may have been). But that prevented me from using the Desktop client’s time tracking features. Would there be a way to later sync up? I really could’ve used offline functionality today in the midst of the server downtime.

  4. I’m still screwed here.

    I have no time logs, no clients, no projects…

    What’s up with that?

    I submitted a support request…no answer yet.

    Please Help!