Updated reports and a new dashboard

We just launched a new version of Toggl. Most of the improvements/modifications are on the reports side but there also other updates.

Here is a list of things done:

  • the weekly report is back; available from the reports – select the view icon that says “7”;
  • the group by tasks view; available from the project view;
  • the client filter;
  • the no-tags filter;
  • the possibility to add several tags to several tasks at a time;
  • a redesigned dashboard with tracking information, latest blog posts and links to Toggl Desktop and iPhone applications.

Here is a screen shot of the new dashboard:

The new dashboard

If there is anything else missing in the new reports, let us know!


Toggl Team

By On November 4, 2009

  1. Nothing is working. I can’t get to the site and the timer doesn’t work. It has been like this for the past 2 days and I am about to cancel my account. This is disappointing.

  2. @Wes and @Jennifer – We are releasing a new version tomorrow with a lot of fixes. We have hopefully tracked down all the issues of dashboard not showing correct numbers.

  3. My hours are not calculating correctly at all. When I refresh to check my hours on the dashboard it will show only 17 minutes, when I’ve been working on multiple tasks, tracking them all, and for hours.

    Can someone please help?

  4. 2 more bugs when viewing reports:

    1. “No tags” is listed twice in the tag filter

    2. When I select a [client – project] in the filter menu, the list looks fine (it only shows the selected client and project). However, once I checkmark a few of them and add a tag to them, it shows me my entire client/project list but the “Client – Project Name” filter still reads the select client / project.

  5. @Wes – Thanks for the suggestion!
    @Jennifer – We are working on the wrong date issues.
    @Gustav – It is possible for you to translate it into Swedish. We’ll have the possibility for our users to translate Toggl or fix translations using an online service soon.
    @Aileen – You can change the interface of Toggl Desktop between two of our timers. Right-click the system tray icon and you’ll be able to select your favorite. The “group by task” report is available under the project view of the reports.
    @Antti – Thank you for the suggestions!

  6. My dashboard is showing incorrect numbers. Yesterday is it now only showing .80 of an hour and today just an hour and 18 minutes. This didn’t seem to be an issue yesterday. Can you please help?

    Thanks so much!

  7. The dashboard is fine, but you could still display more information on it, without sacrificing the overlook.

    I’d especially like to see the hours, not just the percentage in the dashboard overview. In my current work, we budget approximate weekly hours that we’re allowed to spend on each project, and I think many people in the advertising industry have the same conditions. Maybe as a mouseover, when you click a part of the pie chart, or simply next to the percentage (with a smaller font, if you prefer).

    Because there is a mouseover effect on the pie chart, the user also expects that clicking on it has some reacton. Now nothing happens. Maybe it could take you to that project’s page?

    PS: I’m still working on my more thorough UI feedback, I’ll get back to you on that.

  8. Hmmm,
    Now that I’ve looked at the Reports more deeply I have more to say….

    I just want to see all effort on any one task grouped together….. so that, for example, if, within the one week or one day or whatever dates I’ve chosen, I worked on:-
    Client A – Task 1 3 hours
    Client B – Task 2 2 hours
    Client A – Task 1 1 hour

    I’d expect that to show up in the report as:-
    Client A – Task 1 4 hours
    Client B – Task 2 2 hours

    And only be split into the individual components if I selected that… Am I missing something? Is there some easy way to do this? I think there used to be…