A Time Tracking App That Works Inside Salesforce? Yup, You’ve Found It.


Closing in 2 hours is not the same as closing in 20 hours. Not taking time into consideration when measuring sales success can be a fatal mistake.

Because time, as the old saying would have it, is money.

Toggl is not just a time tracking app. It’s a rapidly growing community of professionals who understand the need to account for their time in detail – without wasting time on doing so.

Aside from our incredibly simple UI, one of our biggest successes has been the Toggl Button – a Chrome browser extension that adds a Toggl timer to your browser window. More importantly, it also works inside 50+ other online business tools.


Now, we are super excited to announce Salesforce joining that family.


So, how does it work?

Setting up the Toggl Button is simple:

1 – Sign up for your Toggl account. It’s free for teams of up to five people.

2 – Grab the Toggl Button extension from the Chrome web store.

3 – Head to your Salesforce account using a Chrome browser and look for a small red button.


Tracking your time inside Salesforce

Once you’ve installed the extension and opened up Salesforce in your Chrome browser, head to your “Task List” view and you’ll see small Toggl icons next to the list items:

toggl time tracking inside salesforce list view

To start tracking for a list item, just click the button. Doing this will also let you edit the time entry name as well as attach it to your Toggl projects and tags.

You can also start the timer inside the “Task Detail” view:

toggl time tracking inside salesforce detail view

There it is, right at the top. And it works the same way.

As you start tracking your sales activities, your Toggl account is silently crunching your minutes and hours in the cloud. You can easily access and analyse all your time tracking data on the Toggl Reports page.


So OK, the addition of Salesforce to the long list of Toggl Button integrations alone is pretty great. But there’s more!

One more thing…

Do you ever feel too lazy to type in a custom time entry description when you start the Toggl Button? Or have you ever felt how much easier it would be if you didn’t have to re-type or copy-paste segments of a longer text into the description field?


Creating a Toggl time entry from highlighted text

Simply by highlighting a segment of text in you Chrome browser, you can start a new time entry with that name from the right-click menu!

The example above is from Trello, but the feature works with any text inside a Chrome browser, which means you can get quite creative with it. Let’s try Facebook chat, just for fun:

toggl tracking in facebook

How smooth was that?


That’s it for Toggl Button this time, but expect more integrations in the future. Also remember that Toggl Button is open source, and a lot of the integrations actually come from our users. So if you feel your favourite timer in some other app, feel free to check out the repo on Github!


If you want to add the Toggl Button to your Chrome browser, just follow this link!

By On October 14, 2015

  1. I disabled the extension this morning when it said it required permission to interact with additional websites but not which ones. I don’t know if related but I haven’t been able to access the app since then and have been having to log jobs via the website.

    • Interesting – could you please write to us at support(at) so we can look into this? Make sure you mention the specific app you’re having problems with too 🙂

  2. This would be a lot more useful to us if you start the time with the subject of the case rather than just the case number..