How Top Tech Companies Reply To Emails [Experiment]

Do you know what’s your company’s “wow” effect? Are you keeping it on top of your mind as we do?

I decided to conduct a small experiment. I wrote to 14 different tech companies, all well-known and respected, curious to find out about their “wow” effect. Do they know what it is? How would they define it? Do they find it important at all? Results were quite interesting as you could imagine:

11 companies out of 14 replied

No new emails

I sent out emails (with a simple inquiry to define their “wow” effect) via public email addresses that were promoted by these companies on their web pages.

Fastest reply…

fastest reply copy

It was within 5 minutes – quite impressive. Turns out that fastest reply was also the best reply. This means that you can be fast and very personal at the same time.

Slowest reply…

slowest reply copy

The slowest reply that I received, was within 3 days. To be honest, I was a little bit disappointed, since it took them rather long time and the answer was an automated one.

5 out of 11 companies started with the upsell…

Pro copy

It was quite surprising to see that 5 companies out of 11 started selling me their Pro/Premium plan. They served it quite delicately, but unfortunately it had very little to do with my question.

Most disappointing reply…

Actually, my most disappointing experience was with the same company who replied with an automated answer after 3 days of waiting.

Here is the email. You can decide for yourself:

“Thanks for writing in. While we’d love to answer every question we get, we unfortunately can’t respond to your inquiry due to a large volume of support requests. Here are some resources for resolving the most common issues:…”


2 companies out of 11 were… wow!

In the end, I found what I was looking for. There were 2 companies who managed to knock me out with their replies. They were sincere, caring and most of all, they loved what they were doing. Here’s what they replied:



That’s a tricky question, we’re still a young company and still growing. What we value most is providing the best experience possible, and having the option for users to reach out with feedback/ suggestions really helps us gauge where to prioritize our development efforts.

There’s no guidelines for innovation but we try our best using the above and trying to keep on our toes with all aspects of the app. Technology moves fast, so we hit the ground running everyday and put our all into it. We love what we do!

Thanks for reaching out!




“Hi, many thanks for your message.

That’s a great question, and top of our minds!

We launched 6Tribes very early in our product roadmap, we’ve only delivered a fraction of the great set of items that we’re planning.

But, my plans are much less important than your thoughts!

So, I’d love to know more about your experience with 6Tribes – any info, even just a couple of lines – that you could let me know on what worked and what wow effect you might like to see, would be hugely appreciated.

Many thanks! Anthony CEO, 6Tribes”


Praise to the best…

Dear Slack and 6tribes,

Thank you for your beautiful and eloquent words. They so elegantly remind us here at Toggl too why we do the things we do.

It has been a pleasure.


thank you copy

By On July 9, 2015

  1. Thanks for this useful information. I will definitely implement these tips next time I write or reply to an email.

  2. It’s a fabulous blog. This blog help to know about how top company replies a email. This blog give us some knowledge…

  3. Cool replies by the last two.. @Andy i believe it depends on what you were looking for.. i didn’t find what i wanted to see like the formula of the most emails and the chosen words , etc.

  4. Hey DW. I decided to leave the companies with negative replies anonymous indeed. My goal was more to sort of map the situation and inspire others by bringing out/revealing the best ones 🙂

  5. Uh … What tech companies ? … And what were their replies ?
    Or are you just a shill for the on popular and one unknown company you mentioned ?