time management mistakes identified by toggl users in shadow

A few weeks ago, we ran a survey about the time management habits of Toggl online timer users. We contacted about 5000 people and got an impressive 536 replies as of today. Based on the open answers to this question we categorized the most common time management mistakes that Toggl users identified. Are you guilty of any of these?

  • Not setting priorities for themselves – 20.29%
  • Poor planning – 17.43%
  • Distractions – 12.57%
  • Underestimating the effort a task will take – 12.57%
  • Not tracking time – 10.29%
  • Procrastinating – 9.71%
  • Multitasking – 6.57%
  • Doing things last minute – 5.43%
  • Not bothering with any time management – 4.29%

In conclusion:

“The most common time management mistake that people make is not setting priorities in their work.” Tweet this!