Toggl’s Case Study: How To Get Your Product’s Wikipedia Page


Have you also struggled with creating your company’s Wikipedia page? And along the way, did you wonder how all your competitors managed to get one? We did! In the end, it actually turned out to be so easy that we didn’t figure it out for quite some time. So, lets start this story from the beginning…

Over the years, different people in our office have attempted to make Toggl’s very own Wikipedia page, but every time the page got deleted very quickly and nobody bothered to waste too much time and effort on following up on why this happened. Of course, Wikipedia doesn’t want to see anything remotely promotional and we took this into account. The page information that we submitted was as neutral and non-promotional as we could come up with. Nevertheless, our page got deleted very quickly.


Then, about a month ago, we decided to do an experiment. With some hesitations we tweeted this:

Wikipedia Tweet3

Long story short – some awesome Togglers replied in minutes (special thanks to Mark and Søren) and created the Toggl’s Wikipedia page and added us to the “Comparison of time tracking software” article featured in the first tweet. Both pages with Toggl’s information have been up for over month now, so the experiment turned out to be very successful.

So, lesson learned: if you have an active community behind your product, ask their help! Our whole team was really impressed with this helpfulness and how quickly it all happened. It made us realize how great community Toggl really has. Thanks guys!

Now, let’s continue with the experiment! Our new Wikipedia page could use some fine-tuning. Are there any Togglers who would be willing to help us out some more? Let us know through Twitter and we’ll be offering Toggl T-shirts or some Pro plan time in return.

By On October 9, 2013

  1. Hi Annika, what was the key factor here? What was different with the approach Toggl supporters took compared to you own efforts to keep the page online.