Toggl with Basecamp Next

UPDATE: You can now track time inside Basecamp – get the Toggl Button Chrome extension at the Chrome web store!


It took some time, but we’re finally there – the first version of Toggl integration with Basecamp Next is out and live!

This integration works only one way – importing projects, to-do lists and to-do items from your Basecamp Next account into Toggl. Click here for more details.

Go to Settings – Integration to set it up and try it out. Then let us know what you think so we can make it better 😉

PS: This is the very first version of this integration, so there’s a possibility that some strange things might happen. If you notice anything, please let us know. We will keep working on improvements according to your suggestions. 

By On September 26, 2012

  1. Hello, we’re gathering your feedback and plan to make some updates.
    Especially valuable are your thoughts on how to make the two-way sync. What data and where should Toggl export to Basecamp?

  2. Hi, Sounds promising,..

    Can we have some more information on what the impact of this is in Toggl? We don’t necessarily want to duplicate full BC projects in Toggl, but some integration of projects/users would be good, with the ability to still manually add descriptions in Toggle. Ie. we don’t need a micro level of time tracking from BC (per To Do item), in Toggl we just use broad categories for descriptions that don’t necessarily correlate with specific To Do Lists or To Do items in BC.


  3. Are there any plans to make it a ‘two-way’ sync. I know that Basecamp doesn’t store a value for ‘time’ per task, but the ability to post an update on the amount of time spent as a comment on that task would be great.

    Has the issue above about it importing all users too been fixed?

  4. Hmm, well it worked – a little *too* well, as it also synced all users (across all projects), even though ‘users’ aren’t included in the ‘what’s going to be synced’ list. For us, this includes clients etc. At least it didn’t email everyone an invite!

  5. That’s great! I just told my team we’ll waiting for Toggl to integrate with B-Next to start using it, and then I log on and… voila! Thanks guys 🙂