Toggl Widget renamed to Toggl Desktop and other updates!


We renamed the Toggl Widget to Toggl Desktop (v. 2.0). The new Toggl Desktop is a cross-platform application and will replace the old Toggl Desktop. The old one (which is for Windows only) will be discontinued. The old Toggl Desktop will remain functional, of course.

Toggl Desktop v2.0

The new Toggl Desktop will take over all the functionality of the old one and there will be more. Soon, the new and very much improved autopilot will be available in the new Toggl Desktop. The new version of the application also has much improved offline handling.

Download the new Toggl Desktop!

Some notes on the installation/upgrade procedure:

  • On Windows, the installer will first remove the old Toggl Desktop and the Widget (if you have them) and will then install the new version of the application.
  • On Mac, it will be installed as a separate application and you’d have to remove the old Toggl Widget manually.
  • On Linux, the Widget will be replaced by the Toggl Desktop automatically.

Timer Nano is the default timer with the new Toggl Desktop. You can switch to Timer Classic easily by right-clicking on the tray/dock icon.

There are also other updates:

    1. Rounding options for the reports. Now you can control the behavior of the time rounding in reports. You can select whether to round up, round down or round to nearest. It’s a per workspace setting. The option is located under the workspace properties tab. NB! Premium workspaces only.


    1. New project creation changes for Timer Nano. We removed the automatic new project creation. Now, instead of creating a new project immediately, the user has to confirm the action.

New project creation

  1. The Spanish translation is updated / improved. Many-many thanks goes to our fellow Toggl user Tito Morales from Mexico!

We hope you’ll enjoy the updates and let us know what you’re thinking!


Toggl Team

By On September 9, 2009

  1. @Tariq – Actually it’s more like 27 and 6 MB. The Mac installer is bigger because it has support for both architectures: PowerPC and Intel.

  2. Clicking on “my settings” goes to the main page, not to the settings page.

    Please display version number in header.


  3. Running under Windows 7 (final).
    Start Toggl from desktop
    Every time I start it again (from desktop): A new icon is created in the tray.
    Correct old behavior is: reuse the task.

  4. The memory leaks are now fixed. The problem was in the JavaScript code which is downloaded from the server, so there is nothing our users have to do.

  5. Is there something wrong with the Windows install link for the new desktop? It appears to be giving me the install for the old 1.03 desktop app.