Toggl upgrade today

An upgraded version of Toggl went live today. Major changes are:

  • Option whether the task in Timer starts automatically or not if you click on it
  • Possibility to hide inactive tasks in Timer tasklist
  • Refresh button in Timer to reload projects and tasks list
  • Several bugfixes
By On August 15, 2008

  1. Is the upgrade for Win version only? I am using Mac and for Mac widget the downloadable applicaton says that I already have the program and I can either run it or uninstall it.

  2. Hi – I’m not sure where else to leave this, but I was running toggl all day, even sent a love note to you all for creating it. Then….crash. It doesn’t recognize me, the web version doesn’t know me, desktop won’t log in – nada. Very upsetting, to say the least. Lots of hours logged. Quite disheartening, as I thought I’d found the cure to my time-tracking. Any thoughts on what may have happened? Maybe something on the back end? I would appreciate any help you can lend. Thanks a million.