Toggl Status Report: What We’ve Been Up To And What’s Next

Toggl Status Report

As you know, the new version of Toggl is progressing nicely and this means our current version is put into maintenance mode. There will be no improvements, only major bugs and possible security issues will be fixed. But there has been a lot going on with Toggl so here’s a brief summary what we have been up to and what will happen next.

For starters, we have released the Dashboard. This is only a first version of a feature we believe will provide teams (and managers) a quick look into what everyone is up to, as well as giving time-trackers (you, the people) a quick overview of the work done. Expect more refinements and even more cool features. Oh, and the data on the page can be fetched via API so I can’t wait to see the pictures of all those cool dashboards springing to life all over the world (hint-hint)!

The Bookmarked Reports have gotten an overhaul, making them faster, prettier and smarter. It is now possible to define “rolling” bookmarks, so that “Last month billable designer work” stays exactly that with no messing around with date filters anymore.

There’s now a useful Workspaces view for these people who constantly juggle their time between workspaces (can you say “moonlighting”?). You can see which workspaces you belong to, which is the default (the one where all the time entries without projects will go) and create new ones. And all your iCal links are there up for grabs as well.

The only serious complaint we’ve heard about Toggl recently (besides all the praise) is the way its design seems to waste space on screen. To help with this we’ve introduced “Compact mode” for timer page to make things, well, more compact. Expect to see this rolled out into other pages as well in the future. And we might not stop there, but – hush – 🙂

The work on multilingual Toggl will start in March. As there have been a lot of changes to the UI we’ll need to re-start the translation effort. We’ll be sending out the information to all the translators after we have dealt with the technical bits. There is no clear ETA for that yet so stay tuned!

We will be working on optimizing the internals of Toggl to accommodate large amounts of data as well. There’s a notable slowdown in case you have a huge number of projects and we’ll be looking into improving this situation. There is no major deadline but expect to see faster Toggl near you soon.

And to finish off on a high note I take the pleasure to announce new beta (and we mean it) version of Toggl Desktop for Mac. You can download the beta here – feedback most welcome! (There’s Android app in the pipeline as well but no-no-no, we’re not talking about it just yet…)

As always, please leave your questions and comments below and we’ll try to answer them.

Happy toggling!

By On February 13, 2014

  1. 1 for adding a description field to projects.

    TOGGL is crazy fast even on very bad internet connections and the desktop app allows offline tracking. Kudos for that! Great work, thx and keep it coming 🙂

  2. Is there some way to go back to the old layout? I really can’t stand the new one and will have to find a new solution for time keeping otherwise.

    I really liked the old layout. It worked just fine. Not sure why you guys changed it.

  3. A place to insert notes or comments for projects and or task would be great. My team sends weekly reports to leadership and we have to type out explanations of each project and include next steps. Usually less than 500characters.

    These comments could be entered into the time tracker with the fields being project name, start date, end date, date, tags, comments and billable.

  4. Great to read about alle hte new features.
    As a project manager it would be great to better compare task estimates vs the actuall time spend. Right now you can only see how many of the total hours are spent in the project view. It would be great to see a feature where you as a manager could see estiamted hours vs actual spend hours.

    As of now we are forced to use our own spreedsheet implementation, which is has to be updated by exporting all data from toggle manually. This is also means our PM cannot give a 100% overview of how their projects are going. Now this would be cool feature to make 🙂

  5. Hi everybody who tried the Desktop beta but got an “damaged..” error: please try again! Couple of frameworks used in the new beta weren’t properly signed, which resulted in the aforementioned error message for some users!