Update: As of February 2017, the Pro Plus is known as Toggl Premium. Have a look here to compare our existing pricing plans!


Toggl Pro Plus is a brand new subscription plan that lets you pick one Toggl Business feature on top of the Pro feature set!

Pro Plus was designed to fill the gap between our Pro offerings and the Business package. After launching Toggl Business last year, we found from your feedback that while many of you were interested, often you’d only really need a single feature from the list.

Understandably, nobody wants to pay for things they don’t use.


This is why we launched Pro Plus – a flexible option to power up your workspaces with a Business class feature at a significantly lower price point.


How does it work?

When you change your subscription to the Pro Plus plan, you will be given the choice to pick one of the Business features:

Choosing optional Business feature for Toggl Pro Plus


If you pick one and later decide you actually need some other feature more, don’t worry – you can change it once every month.


Toggl Pro Plus discount campaign march 2016

Switch now for a limited time discount

The Pro Plus plan costs 18$ per user/month when paid annually (20$ when monthly), but we’re celebrating the new launch with a special campaign offer – if you sign up for the annual Pro Plus plan before March 22nd, we’ll give you a whopping 20% discount for a whole year!

To change your plan and see how much money you could be saving, head over to the ‘All Plans’ view on your subscription page.


Happy Toggling!