Toggl Premium benefits

UPDATE: Hello time traveller – you’ve found an ancient post! To see the current list of all the benefits a Toggl Pro subscription has to offer, take a look here.

Toggl Premium!

Today I’m writing to tell you a little bit about our Premium subscription – what it is and what benefits it offers. As you might have heard, we now have 4 different Premium plans in addition to the free plan. All the Premium plans have the same functionality. The only difference is in the team size. Check it out: Toggl subscription plans. (Hint: there is a 30-day free trial period)

Anyways, I’m going to tell you about that “something extra” that Premium provides.

Hourly billable rates

Hourly billable rates allow you to assign billable rates to your workspace, clients, projects or project team members. These hourly rates are bound to task durations and therefore allow you to see how much you earned with that particular task. That way you don’t have to take out you calculator and cruch numbers – Toggl will do it for you!

Let me show you:

On this next image you can see your workspace settings. There are two fields that define the billable rates for the whole workspace.

Workspace settings

On this next picture you’ll see your client’s settings. You can keep the workspace default rates…

Client settings

…or define client-specific hourly billable rates by clicking on “Set custom rate”. The same can be done in the list of clients – use workspace default or specify:

Client list

The next level is project level. It is possible to enter project-specific billable rate, if it differs from workspace or client rate:

Project settings

You can also set different rates for team members:

Project team members

The usefulness of hourly billable rates is apparent when you run reports. See it yourself (click for a larger image):

Task report with billable amounts

Next, a sample PDF report (again, click for a larger image; you can also see your custom logo, which I’ll tell you about below):


Time rounding in reports

Premium subscription gives you the possibility to round task times up in your reports. For example: if your task duration is 38 minutes and you select the 15-minute rounding option, you’ll get a 45 minute task. When adding up the durations of several tasks, as in the weekly report, the duration of each task is rounded up separately. Possible rounding ranges are: 1, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 30 and 60 minutes. You can also disable this functionality. A screenshot:

Rounded task durations

Your custom logo

Thanks to the Premium subscription you will be able to personalize your workspace by uploading you own custom logo. It will replace the Toggl logo on the upper-left side of the Toggl main view. Like this:

Custom workspace logo

And of course, your logo is shown in the PDF reports, like I mentioned earlier.

Priority customer service

We answer to all of our users (subscription plan doesn’t matter) feedback. In case you haven’t received an answer from us in a week, it may be due to technical issues. Please try again! Even so, like the title says, our Premium members’ feedback is read and answered first.


As you see, the Premium functionality can be really useful. We have a lot of new functionality in the works, both for free and Premium plans, to make it more attractive and beneficial for our users.

Well, thats it for now. Thank you for reading this post and I hope you try our 30-day FREE trial Premium subscription.


By On October 28, 2008

  1. [wishlist] Please integrate the ability to track expenses. I have mileage, public transportation, and printing fees for starters.

    This is a great app for what it does, just hoping to see it a bit more inclusive.

  2. Any change that possiblity might be in the works, or even to have different rates by tasks? Also, is there a way to include mileage or expenses?

  3. Is there a way to define default hourly rates for each of my team members so that I do not need to type it in every time under the Project Members section of a Project?