@toggl – our new Twitter handle

Twitter was so kind to allocate a previously unavailable handle to us! Please check it out and follow us to get the latest information about Toggl –

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By On January 23, 2013

  1. Another vote for Radek’s suggestion – makes the phone app barely usable for me since I use lastpass to remember passwords and having to constantly look them up and put them in is a pain.

  2. I would also appreciate Radek’s idea to add “remember me” for Google Accounts. This is normally only problematic on my phone.

    I’m now following on twitter.

    Also, the “Follow us on Twitter” link in the right-hand-side panel of this blog page is linking to an inactive Twitter account @toggledevel.

  3. Hello, would be great add some “remember me” with Google Accounts.

    Also i started follow you on twitter.

    GL in future development.
    Good work so far 😉