Toggl Now Works Inside Basecamp & Trello

Toggl Button is a Google Chrome extension that lets you start the Toggl timer inside your favourite webapp. It now supports 11 applications:

TeamWeek, Pivotal Tracker, BasecampGithub, Asana, Unfuddle, Gitlab, TrelloWorksection, Teambox and Podio. Also, it’s an open source project so anybody can contribute to add more services.

For example, in Basecamp, you could start your Toggl timer by just hovering over your to-do item:

Toggl Online Timer Button in Basecamp

Grab your button from the Chrome webstore or view the code on GitHub.

A big thank you to all current contributors (in no particular order): dVelopmentsepehrrubinshmiki131nnproBudgieInWAjbenlinleersateleroxodesign.

By On December 4, 2013

    • Seems to be working for me. Make sure you are logged in to toggl. If you are not logged in the toggl start link won’t appear.

  1. Toggle has been working fine few days before. No it works, but I cant see project names in “add project” select. There are only empty rows /selecting projects…/. How to repair it?

    • I’ve uploaded a new version (0.4.9) of Toggl Button to the Chrome Web Store that fixes the invisible project names issue described by Mareczech. Please update Toggl Button.

  2. The Trello integration is cool, but if you start the timer on a card and then close it, the tracker reverts to stopped but it’s actually still tracking time over on the toggle site.

    Unless I’m doing something wrong?