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Introducing Our New Summary Report

Today, a new Summary Report page debuts on the web app. It features visual and speed enhancements based on user feedback. The gradual rollout will affect only a few thousand users at a time. We’ll get to you eventually, so sit tight!

The purpose of the Summary Report remains the same: an analysis page that lets you see how you’ve worked over a specific period by grouping your tracked time in different ways.

Let’s pretend I lead a game development company called Boggl. Aside from satisfying my delusions of grandeur, the fantasy will help me show you how to take full advantage of our Summary Report.

Viewing My Team’s Time

It’s Monday morning. How did we spend our time last week? The Summary Report is set to “This Week”, so all I see are empty boxes. Cute. I open up the Calendar Selector and choose “Last Week”.

As a Boggl Workspace administrator, I see all the time tracked by the team (including me). The bar chart shows a lot of work done last Thursday.

However, I’d like to see a breakdown by Project. Under the bar chart is the team’s time listed under different groupings. “Group by” is already set to “Project” and “Time Entry”, so I see that most of last week devoted to Bob Fancy’s ROYGBIV VI.

Next, I click the Bob Fancy’s expander (the number to its left). This reveals a breakdown of the Time Entries logged for the Project. Looks like most of the time was spent on level design.

Who logged the most time for Bob Fancy? I switch “and” to “User”, then expand Bob Fancy again after the report auto-updates. Randy Tepersen, the famous Room and Room II level designer, did most of the work.

Sharing the Good News

Our client for Bob Fancy is expecting a Report for the game. I need to filter out other Projects, like SinCity 4000 and The Sins.

I open the “Project” filter near the top of the page and select Bob Fancy. Closing the filter auto-updates the Report.

One item remains on the grouping list, as we’ve filtered down to one Project. I switch “Group by” to “User”. This auto-switches “and” to “Time Entry”.

We bill for every 6 minutes of work. As we’re on a paid Workspace (wink wink), I can round up our Time Entries, through the “Rounding” button on the upper-right of the grouping list.

Whoops, I forgot something: the client only wants to see our billable time for the Project.

All time entries assigned to the Bob Fancy Project are billable by default. Some admin work was manually set to non-billable by my team, however, as agreed with the client.

I use the “Billable” filter near the top to hide non-billable time. Thank you paid Workspace for your billable rates feature as well! (wink wink)

Now the Report is ready to share. I select “Download as PDF” through the download button on the upper-right of the page.

I check the PDF to make sure it matches the period, grouping, and filters I’ve used. Everything looks good, so I email the PDF to the client. It’s only 9:30AM but my work for today is done. Time to play just one more turn of Nations VI!

By On September 24, 2018

  1. REALLY disappointed that the old Summary Report, that allowed me to set the specific dates I wanted (e.g. Sept 25 to Oct 24), then showed me how much time I had spent for each project, is gone. Why in the world would you remove that report? I’ve been using it for 2 years and now it’s gone.

  2. The datepicker is unusable. The weekly graphs with only some days captioned is useless. I love toggl but did anyone look at these changes before a developer said look what can do and just got it pushed through? Please change it back. Please!

  3. The fact that it keeps defaulting to Summary is irritating. When I navigate away and back again, I’d like it to remember that I was last looking at Detailed.

  4. Because of the way this update was built, it has made using the Toggl interface unuseable for me. What was before an easy copy & paste into my formal time reporting system, now involves a download. After I think something like 6+ years using Toggl, I’m going to have to find a new alternative. This is disappointing.

  5. Hi, I am not very excited about the new UI of the summary reports… Notably I don’t like the regression in inability to return to the filtered page I set up (client and period) when I navigate away from the page and then return back it is reset back to no client and “this week” period 🙁

  6. Haven’t tried it yet but am excited for the update as the old reports were pretty inflexible and I ended up having to manage and reorganize/calculate with Excel. Thanks for the new flexibility on the rounding feature. 🙂

  7. Sadly the new report view no longer supports opening by url. This in turn no longer allows to use “Duplicate tab” for the reports view. What seems to happen is that the old report view gets initially loaded, then redirected to the new one but some parameters don’t get passed along e.g. the project IDs.