Toggl for Mobile Development Roadmap

We kicked this year off with the much-anticipated “Reports” update for our Android and iOS apps. We’ll be pushing ahead with mobile development through 2015. This is a short overview of what we have planned for the next three months.

The Road Ahead

First stop on the road (and hopefully it won’t be long now) – lock screen widgets! Coming to both Android and iOS, these will give you Toggling powers from the lock screen. Other than that, the other planned features are as follows:

For Android:

We want to make the Android app follow Google’s material design principles. There’s gonna be a new toolbar with editing options. Also, we’re going to add a floating Start/stop button to make tracking easier still. The time entry edit screen is also in for an overhaul.

As another improvement, similar time entries will be added up and grouped together in “Continue mode” to give you a better overview.

For iOS:

With iOS, we’re gonna take a look at the app home screen and see what needs changed to make for a better user experience. Also coming is livesync.

Can I help?

Yes! Toggl Mobile is open source. We want to make Toggl the best it can be. We also think that, in order to do that, it’s good to listen to what others might have to say about our work, and be willing to learn if somebody comes around with a great idea to do something differently.

So, If you’re interested in pitching in and helping, head on over to Github, take a look at our code and, should you want to, get your hands dirty – there’s always room at our table.

By On February 4, 2015

  1. Today, after the downtime, I tried to login from my Windows Phone but I was not able because I cannot see the login form (and neither the login page) with this new UI you’ve implemented.
    I started using toggl some days ago because I’ve found this news on your blog (, where I understood that you wanted to build also an app for Windows Phone, but reading this post I’m a really disappointed.
    Please state clearly what you are planning to do about.

  2. I agree with Walt
    If you have no plans to develop a Windows Phone app, please at least develop a mobile web interface! ( was not the best, but was much more usable than the one on, that is thought to be view by big screens)
    Please notice that there are some countries in which Windows Phone is more pervasive than iOS