NB: This was an April Fool’s prank. The information below has nothing to do with reality and Toggl will continue being the awesome time tracking tool we all know and love.

Toggl announced today that due to mounting pressure from an increasingly Luddite world, it will finally close its doors and discontinue what it previously billed as “insanely simple” time tracking.

“I believed in the power of an incredibly user-friendly, totally portable time tracking service which could work on any device,” says Toggl CEO Alari Aho. “We invested in speed and efficiency, but I underestimated the physical timesheet. It’s just what people want.”

But all is not lost for Toggl. Quietly, behind the scenes, a secret task force within the company had been working to build a comprehensive solution. “Our new solution is something more familiar to enterprise professionals“, says Toggl’s chief visionary, Krister Haav, who led the task force.

The new product, spreadsheet-based My Personal Time Tracking Tool (www.mypersonaltimetrackingtool.com), is available for $99 for a limited time only. After May 1st, the product will be offered at the standard price of $199.


“The market wants timesheets,” says Haav. “And the good news is they’re ready to pay for it.”

Many of Toggl’s 400,000 users in the USA expressed joy after the announcement.

“I’ll never have to bother with an electronic device again if I don’t want to,” said John C from Enterprise Consulting Services LLC. “Just let me fill out my timesheet and leave me alone.”

Direct link – www.mypersonaltimetrackingtool.com