Toggl for iOS: improved, updated and available

New Toggl app for iOS is now available for your iPhone, iPod and iPad, check it out on the AppStore. Some of the things that make the new app especially cool:

Faster sync *
* Menu at the top
Native iOS controls *
* Retina display support

 iOS native

And of course offline tracking is still supported. Click here for useful tips on all that you can do in the mobile app.

Get it now and track your holidays on your phone with Toggl 😉

By On December 19, 2012

  1. Thanks for your comments so far!
    @Nate: We are working on the Google sign-in issues, should be fixed soon.
    @Ray: This is a very good hint, thanks! We’ll file it for future reference.

  2. This is a much improved interface, but you left one major irritant. Mobile apps and platforms (such as IOS and Android) have robust capacity for gestures…in addition to swiping right to delete or left/right to change pages, the most frequently used gesture is to swipe down to refresh. How about taking advantage of the features on supported platforms by making the interface easier to use? The refresh is definitely better by being at the top of the UI instead of the bottom, but it is hidden in a menu that isn’t intuitively found.

  3. OK, that’s great that you updated your iOS version(s).

    But WHEN are you going to update TogglDesktop for the Mac? I am sick of being forced to enter username and password EVERY time I want to use TogglDesktop.

    Please, I am BEGGING you. No other Web-interactive desktop app is so crippled. Evernote, Twitter apps, TheBrain, OmniFocus, Things, DEVONThink…ALL of these OS X desktop apps ALLOW THE USER TO STORE USERNAME AND PASSWORD so that we don’t have to frickin’ type them EVERY time we want to use them.

    PLEASE fix this. Charge me, if you want to! I don’t care. I’ll pay fror the app…whatever. Just be SMART and follow tech industry standards.

    Thank you.