Toggl Firefox add-on is here

Hey Firefox users, we hope you’re ready to level up your productivity as the long-awaited Toggl Button Firefox extension is now live and ready for testing!

NB: Toggl Button Firefox add-on works with Firefox 50 and later. Firefox 50 is currently in beta and is planned to be released to stable on November 8th.

Toggl Button integrates with 85+ tools including Asana, Trello, JIRA, Todoist and Github. Once you’ve added the add-on to your browser, you’ll start noticing Toggl Button everywhere you go – you can track time on tickets in Zendesk, conversations in Gmail and Slack or plans in Teamweek.


As a reminder, Toggl Button allows you to track time inside these web tools or just start and stop the timer right from your browser dashboard without visiting

Toggl Button will also remind you to track your time and you can count on it to keep you accountable! You can set when you want to get your reminders in settings.

Toggl Button comes with idle detection so whether you forget to start or stop your timer, we’ve got you covered. Pomodoro mode is also an option so if you’re into this technique, definitely set it up with Toggl Button.

How to install

You can install the Toggl Button Firefox add-on here and adjust your preferences by clicking Settings.


Firefox accounts for almost 28% of our traffic and we’re proud to announce we finally serve these users as well. The Toggl Button developer, Indrek is also very excited about this launch and will finally get some sleep.

As always, don’t let that stop you from reporting bugs to our marvelous support team or by leaving feedback in the Mozilla store listing. We’ll try to fix everything we can as soon as possible.

Stay foxy and let us know if you find any bugs!

By On October 28, 2016

  1. there is a bug in rolled up tasks.

    well I think its a bug; the time shown for summary does not show the span but rather the first and last start time in reverse order making looking at your day very confusing!

    Also you don’t seem to have anywhere to report bugs :/