Toggl downtime – what happened?

Hi all,

As many of you might have noticed, Toggl has experienced extensive downtime over the past couple of days.

Basically what happened was that our server provider in Dallas, where all our data was stored, had two major power outages that threw everything off for us, as well. The first one closed Toggl down for four hours on 08-08-2011. We managed to fix the created problems and get things back on track. As we went to bed, another, much more extensive, power cut happened on 09-08-2011, whereby we were down for over 8 hours! As a result, we decided to immediately move to a different server provider, so made the move to migrate to Rackspace. Our developers worked feverishly through the night, and eventually managed to get the Toggl web site to work again. After some more time, Toggl Desktop, Android and iPhone applications were fixed as well.

As a result of this downtime and the moving of servers, you’ll have experienced problems with logging in and getting information, as well as problems synchronizing the extra apps. We are sorry to say that some of your tracked times from the past couple of days might also be lost, and there is no way to recover them on our part.

As mentioned above, to the best of our knowledge we are back on track with everything. The web page as well as all the extra applications can track time, synchronize and save again, you can generate reports, add billable times and use all other Toggl features.

For all Pro plan users, we would like to compensate the three days that your time tracking was disrupted by extending your payment deadlines by three days, effectively giving you extra free use of Toggl.

There are two main things we are now doing:

  1. We have come up with redundancy plans so that we wouldn’t be dependent on a single service provider or data centre;

  2. We are training our whole team in crisis communication so that our users and ourselves are better informed as the situation progresses.

We are iteratively implementing these things, starting already from yesterday.

Thank you, everyone, for all your support, understanding and patience through these unprecedented times of trouble, it is the first time for us that something like this has happened, and while we are hoping it never will again, we have learnt a lot from it and are now better prepared for the future.

Our sincere apologies and gratitude to you all!

Toggl team

By On August 12, 2011