TD 7 windows

For the past month or so we have been pushing hard to improve the windows desktop application experience. We decided that the default window frame look that windows has just isn’t cutting it with Toggl and we needed something fresh. Download it now from here.

We went with the clean minimalistic look. The new design has a sleek dark frame that seamlessly integrates with the application window itself. With this look we wanted the application to be less in you face and more easy to handle. After all, the most important part of Toggl is to help you effortlessly track your time and not focus on the application itself.

Another big improvement is the popup edit form. In my opinion this is a must have. It removes the annoying back and forth switching when editing multiple time entries in a row. It is much faster to have the time entry listing always visible. This way you can easily see what has been changed and how the changes affect the overall look of the day. Any changes you make within the popup automatically save in the listing and to exit it, you can just hit the “Esc” button on your keyboard.

There’s still much to do on our road to total awesomeness, so keep an eye out or even better – contribute by adding your own thoughts and bug reports directly to the public Toggl Desktop Github repository.