Toggl Desktop updates

We released a new version of Toggl Desktop – 2.5.1.


  • support for the new Nano Nova timer (still in beta stage); right-click on the system tray icon to change the timer;
  • a fix for the “remember me” feature; Toggl Desktop will remember you again;

When you start your Toggl Desktop you will be automatically notified about the update. You can also download it from the Toggl extras page.


Toggl Team

By On February 10, 2010

  1. @Mikhail – There is a known issue with the “remember me” feature. It works only if you explicitly close Toggl Desktop from the system tray menu “Exit” item. Try closing the application that way.

    @Hadi – Try cmd click inside Toggl Desktop and select “Reload”.

  2. I enjoy toggle Desktop 2.5.1. It it is more beatifull then older version. But also I have same problems with autorization on windows startups. It do not save my password and I need enter it after each power ups. The older version save my login informations… I think that problems with my internet connection: it is starting some time ago after windows starts.

  3. When Internet Explorer is the default browser, after the prompt to update Toggle Desktop to version, Toggl Desktop makes IE crash. I solved this by setting Google Chrome as a default browser, this allowed me to update correctly.

    However, when I start Toggl Desktop and choose Google Login to authenticate myself, Toggl Desktop crashes. I need to login manually as that does work (luckily).

  4. I am using Toggl Desktop in Windows. IT keeps asking me if I want to upgrade – then I click OK – and nothing happens and the program won’t open any more. Will try a manual download but wanted to let you know of this error.