Toggl Desktop Plans for the Next 3 Months

Last week we once again assembled the team of lead Toggl Desktop thinkers and discussed our development plans for the next 3 months. There were so many new ideas that a mere third of them can be executed in such a small period of time.

Here are the chosen tasks:

  • Windows design update – Windows has come a long way from the first plain design of the Toggl Desktop 7. We have now asked our designer to step in and come up with a more clean and minimalistic design. This is what we’ll implement. The main listing has already been reworked, the edit window and other views are next in line.
  • OS X design update – With OS X there isn’t much that needs to be prettified but still, some nuances will be added to make the picture more pleasing to the eye.
  • Timeline view – We decided that timeline view should come to Toggl Desktop. Similar to the web interface, the user will be able to see where the time of their last days has gone.
  • Creating entries from timeline – This is something completely new. If you have missing time entries and have timeline data, then what would be more intuitive than to be able to easily create time entries straight from the timeline graph.
  • First time user experience – We’ll add nice bubbles and other guides for the first time users. This is very important for showing the fresh Toggl Desktop users the ropes and help them master Toggl Desktop more quickly.
  • Compact mode – For those users that really value their on-screen real-estate we are looking into a way of removing the obsolete whitespace and show more information in less space.
  • “Remind to track” improvements – We are going forward with the “Reminder” function. Users can set preferences for the days they want to see the reminder as well as set the time interval after which the reminder should be shown.
  • Connectivity and sync improvements (proxy) – There are still scenarios that can block the Toggl Desktop’s ability to successfully sync data to the server. We have investigated this and will be improving the connectivity and proxy support of Toggl Desktop.
  • Windows silent update – We understand that frequently updating Toggl Desktop can be a hassle and can get really annoying quite fast. Even when the reason is that the developers just work so fast, delivering new features all the time. We are going to implement the silent update for Windows. That means that the user doesn’t need to do anything else than restart the app from time to time to install the new version. All other preparations will be done in the background.
  • New Windows installer – The current msi installer used in Toggl Desktop had some issues and limitations, so we’ve decided to change our installer software. This eliminates the issues users had while installing or updating Toggl Desktop.
  • Lightweight deb – We’ll be looking into the possibility of skimming down the size of the deb package. Currently we are packaging too many libraries that can be added to the package as a dependency.
  • Auto tracker – This is something that came up in our brainstorming sessions. The full details are still in the works, but the main idea is that the user can setup applications that trigger the timer start. For example if you always start some chat client, when you start your work, you can define that this application starts the timer when it’s executed. This handles those scenarios when you dive into work only to discover that you didn’t start the timer and can’t remember when you actually started working.

These are the ideas that made the cut this time and will be worked on for the next 3 months. As we know the plans in software development can change fast, but this is the direction we are going. You can see our 3-month roadmap on this Teamweek timeline.

If these ideas got your mind going and you feel like you would like to be part of this process, then it’s your lucky day. We are currently looking for Native app hackers to join the Toggl Desktop team. Take the test to get a T-shirt and see if you are skilled enough join our team.

By On March 4, 2015

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