The Summer Of Toggl Desktop

The past three months have just flown by. Once again it’s time to see where we stand with Toggl Desktop. In this blog post we’ll reflect on what we’ve done and what’s in the plans for this summer.

When planning our last development cycle, we were bold – really bold – and also quite ambitious. We wanted to do a lot of big things in a short period of time.

This is what we got done:

New features

  • New Windows installer – Our previous solution worked, but there seemed to be too many scenarios where it just wasn’t cutting it. Also we used a framework that limited our possibilities to customise the installer. We took a deep breath and decided to switch it all out. Now we are using the NSIS based exe installer. It works good and looks prettier than ever. We hope you like it too.
  • Silent updates for Windows – We’ve heard you guys. The update popups and manual downloads were a hassle. We’ve implemented silent automatic updates, meaning that you’ll always get the best features and updates when they are oven fresh. All this is done automatically without bothering the user with popups and downloads.
  • System proxy support – Now it’s even easier to use Toggl Desktop when you are using proxy. Just tick the system proxy checkbox and Toggl Desktop uses the same proxy settings you have set up for your system.
  • Better organising of OS X preferences – As the Toggl Desktop is growing we have been adding new preferences. To keep the clutter away we’ve created a new preferences view design that categorises the preferences, showing you only one section at a time.
  • Windows design changes – Windows design has changed quite a bit. Mostly we’ve changed the visual of the timer and the time entry listing. It’s now more colourful and minimalist.
  • Custom tracking reminders – We’ve added a bunch of new settings to the tracking reminder. You can now choose the weekdays you want to be notified (no more Sunday reminders!). Also you can choose the time of day when you want to be reminded to start working.
  • Auto Tracker – This is something that still gets us giggling. With Auto Tracker you can define applications or keywords and projects they connect to. If an application with the keyword is in the foreground it triggers the Auto Tracker. When tracker is triggered it shows you a notification and asks if you would like to track time under the project you chose. Auto Tracker is still in beta stage, but most of the job is done and it will be available for everyone soon.

Toggl auto tracking feature on desktop

Toggl Desktop autotracker settings

  • App Store – Toggl Desktop is now on App Store! If you feel that you like the app store update system more than the current automatic updater, you are more than welcome to switch to the App Store version of Toggl Desktop.

Lessons from the last 3 months

What we learned is that there is no need to gather everything you want to do on a single plate. It’s much more productive to pick a few big goals than a bunch of small ones. This makes following progress easier and creates better feeling of achievement when something is done.

For example, if you finish one of 3 things you feel like you’re almost there, but if you finish one of 20 you feel like you’re really far from the finish line. For our next plans we tried to pick the ones that are closest to our hearts and do these tasks well.

Going forward

We have a lot of changes planned for the next 3 months. We also have a new hacker on our Toggl Desktop team – Paul. Paul brings in some solid C# skills and has already made some good suggestions to improving our code.

Plans for next 3 months

  • Windows design updates continue (login, listing, edit popup) – We’ll continue with the Windows app redesign. We’ve already upgraded the login view and next up is the time entry listing. We’ll reimplement the Time Entry listing in WPF to improve the performance and make it easier to add styles. Also, the Time Entry edit popup is going to have a totally new look. It will be much prettier and cleaner.
  • Auto Tracker – We have a beta version of Auto Tracker available on the OS X beta channel. We’ll test it thoroughly and if everything works ok, we’ll implement the feature across all platforms.
  • Analytics – This is something we’ll develop for our internal information. We’re going to develop an analytics system to see what are the most and least used features. We always aim for minimalism and this will give us good numbers on what features might not be needed in the application.
  • Better preference windows for all platforms – We’re going to create simpler preferences windows for all platforms.

“Can’t Wait! Can I try these features sooner?”

Yes, you can!

As we have adopted the two stage release cycle in Toggl Desktop, I’m inviting you all to check out the beta channel. To use the beta version you just have to change the channel in the about view to beta.

Toggl Desktop beta channel selection box

It’s as simple as that.

Being on the beta channel gives you all the newest features and fixes first. If something is about to shake the Toggl Desktop world you’ll be first to know and experience it.

Also, the most active Beta users who catch bugs and issues early on (or give the best feedback) will be rewarded with awesome Toggl Swag! So get your Beta on!

This is all from us now at The Toggl Desktop team. Keep your eyes out for new features and see you again soon!

By On June 3, 2015

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  2. I wonder whether there are plans to simply develop a Windows 10 app? With the Xamarin code base, it shouldn’t be hard to deliver a great app for both desktop and also Windows mobile?

    • Autotracker beta is currently available to OSX only (apologies, it’s indeed not very clear in the post). But once we get it working properly on macs, we’ll add it to Windows desktop too.

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    • Hey! Nothing too big atm to be honest, but we will continue to work on it. Stuff that makes it into the Win/OSX hopefully gets into Linux as well (if people like them).

  5. Un juego de mesa, que se fundamenta en las tarjetas de preguntas y respuestas abiertas, solución: preguntas tipo test, con varias respuestas a seleccionar.

  6. “Custom tracking reminders” – I don’t see that on my preferences. Is it only available in beta? I currently on 7.2.172 version.


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  8. Something that i miss is a smaller “player”. I use Toggl on top of all applications, I think the window is too big.. (i’m using mac)