Toggl Desktop for Mac OSX Has Arrived!

tracking time 2

The new and improved Toggl Desktop for Mac OS X 10.8 and above has finally arrived! You can download it here.

While it looks a lot different (in a good way), it’s more stable than ever and it has the same good old functionality – time tracking has never been this easy!

We’ve added some cool features to this version which the previous one didn’t have. The sweetest of them are the idle detection, which notifies you of the time you’ve been inactive, and reminders to track time – just to be sure you’re actually being productive, not slacking!

While Windows users might be going all green with envy now, there’s actually a Windows version in the works at this very moment and it will be released soon.

Toggl Desktop is an open source project. You’re welcome to help us by submitting pull requests, bug reports or feature requests to our Github page – .

And, of course, you’re welcome to contact our lovely support team at if you have any questions!

Happy toggling – be productive!

By On June 4, 2014

  1. Thanks for the non-response Toggl… Disappointing. Don’t enable comments on a blog if you aren’t going to respond.

  2. I just upgraded, but am not liking the new version at all. Where can I download the previous version again? I want to switch back.

  3. This is a vast improvement over the native desktop app originally released a few months ago. Still some oddities, such as the end time automatically changing when you adjust the start time, but overall much, much better. Thank you!

  4. Sweet! It looks like you really got this right. Thanks for the daily total hours box. That’s a needed feature that was removed from the new web app. No worries now that the mac native is out and working. Goodbye browser tracking.

  5. I love using this app. As an FYI, it doesn’t seem to be working on the new OS X Yosemite system I’m testing.