Toggl Desktop for Windows launched

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This post is very, very old. If you’re looking for the newest version of Toggl Desktop, click here to download the latest stable release.

Last, but not least – beta version of the Toggl Desktop for Windows is now out 🙂

It features all the same things as the Mac and Linux apps, including:

  • idle detection
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • offline support
  • familiar user interface
Our Knowledge base has all the details about this. Download the new desktop app for your Windows OS now and let us know what you think!
By On December 20, 2011

  1. My first look at the desktop in Windows 7 was disappointing. It docks itself to the left of my screen, won’t let me drag or choose where to position it in any way. Also, it felt a bit clunky working with new tasks and creating new projects.

    It’s a good start, but IMO it’s not ready for prime time, so I’ll stick with the web version for now.

  2. Hi Alari, thanks very much for your response.

    “Hugh, do I understand correctly that you’d like to edit time straight in the time entry list?”

    No, I would like to be able to quickly edit the time of the currently active timer. This was possible with the old desktop app and with the web app: you just click directly on the actively tracking time value, enter a new value, and press enter to allow the time value to continue incrementing from that revised value. Very handy. In the new desktop app clicking on the active time stops the timer. Editing the active time requires going to a separate screen. Less handy.

    “As for pausing a given task – there is a feature that helps you with that. Please read more on our Knowledge Base –”

    Thanks! That’s exactly the solution I was hoping for.

  3. Hugh, do I understand correctly that you’d like to edit time straight in the time entry list? There will be an user interface upgrade in August/September, where we have implemented several features requested by users.

    As for pausing a given task – there is a feature that helps you with that.

  4. Been using both the old and new desktop clients for a while now, and I never come to like the new one. There are two reasons.

    1) My favourite thing about Toggl — the reason I chose this app over the alternatives — was the ability to just click on the time and edit it. Maybe I forgot to start it when I started working. Maybe I took a phone call from a different client. No problem, just click and type. Now editing the current time requires two extra clicks, and it’s not particularly obvious from the UI design where to make those clicks. So I’m less likely to actually do it and my time reporting is now less accurate.

    2) Pausing a given task and re-starting it should not produce multiple entries. I don’t need that granularity of information, and it requires me to do mental arithmetic to get the information I do care about: how much time I’ve spent on a given task.

  5. I am with OffLeash, Todd and Hugh. I have been using Toggl for five years and have been very happy with it. But I really want the Classic view back. Having the list of open projects and being able to start a new task with one quick click is key. Please support the old version or add Classic functionality. Otherwise I’ll be looking for another solution – this new app is unacceptable for me.

  6. I am deleting this otherwise handy program because I can’t keep it from starting with windows. Please offer a solution to this (Feel free to email me about it.)

  7. Just installed the windows 7 version. Ugggghhhh! I agree that the lost functionality of being able to pause and then restart a task quickly is a HUGE drawback. Having a new entry created everytime i want to continue a task basically removes most of the benefit of using toggl. Hoping there is an updated release coming soon…..?

  8. Much faster and lighter than the last Windows version and I like the direction the desktop app is headed… but, holy smokes, why can’t I pause/continue my current task easily? Right now I have to find the last task I was working on in the task list, click it and then click continue. I really miss the pause/continue function being a one click affair. As a designer I see where you’re going in trying to unify for all platforms… one button purity, but in this case it seems like a step back in usability.

    Update: Ahhh, I just discovered that you can Stop and Continue Previous from the notification area icon. That’s nice, but it seems quite the oversight that this function is not available from the actual application. How about a “Continue Last Task” button somewhere?

  9. @Tanel Is there any discussion I can read about the rationale for the multiple entries for the same task that is done multiple times during the course of the same day? It seems this is the direction all your UI’s are going. I want to know if I’m going to have to adapt or find a different solution. Right now I’m hanging on to the old Windows Desktop version. Thanks for your help! 🙂

  10. I was excited to have hotkeys, and looking forward to the new version. However like others, I’m uninstalling and reverting to the old. A few points:
    Entering a task is slowed down here. In the old I can type the task, hit tab once, and begin live searching for the project I want to bill it to. With the new I’m flipping between keyboard and mouse, and the priority of information seems off for common users.
    The list of tasks is also severely limiting. It is displaying less information in more space. I detail my work in my tasks, and only seeing the first two words is not helpful. The old version gave a full line, and didn’t have so much visual clutter.
    Another thing I keep hoping for is the ability to change the taskbar icon in 7 like it was in XP, giving another indicator of if I have the timer turned on.