Toggl Desktop 7 Update & Future Plans

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A new version of Toggl Desktop has just gone live. It has been some time since we wrote anything about it on the blog. Rest assured that we have written a lot in this time of silence, but we have been mostly focused on writing code instead of sonnets.

There have been a lot of changes and improvements during this time. This blog post is to get you all up to speed on what has been done and what’s to come in the near future.

Updates on all versions of Toggl Desktop

Added workspace name to edit view

Now you always know to which workspace the opened time entry belongs to. The workspace name is shown at the bottom of the edit view.

Added signup

It’s now possible to start using Toggl without going to the web page to sign up. Just download the desktop app, create your account and start tracking.

Added possibility to add new clients

We’ve added the possibility to add a new client while you are adding a new project. All that to make the desktop app a fully functional tracker.

Added change log displaying on updates

We’ve added change logs to the update screen meaning you see what you are getting with the newest update.

Mac updates

Added automatic update

We’ve implemented the magical automatic update. This means that when new version is present the application will get it for you and after application restart you will have the latest version with all the updates without you ever having to do anything to get it.

Full Keyboard support

We’ve added a full keyboard support to Mac app, meaning that you can do everything in the app without using the mouse. For more on the specifics of shortcut keys please take a look at the knowledge base link.

Mini timer redesign and manual mode

We got together the finest brainstorming minds of Toggl and threw in a lot of ideas to come up with a smoother solution for the mini timer. We now have two different modes timer mode and manual mode. The modes can be switched either from the menubar icon menu or simply by pressing CMD+D.

  • In the timer mode you have description field and the start button. Simply enter description and start tracking.
  • In the manual mode you are presented with a single “Add time entry” button. Pressing this button opens up the edit view so you can insert your preferred data and save the entry. “Add time entry” button can also be triggered by pressing SPACE.

Windows updates

Added configurable global keyboard shortcuts

We added two global keyboard shortcuts show/hide application and start/stop timer. These shortcuts are available all the time, so you can start timer comfortably when reading the news or working in some other program. The keys are fully customizable so you can use what ever configuration you prefer.

Added possibility to filter and add tags

For more easy tags access and management we’ve adde the tags filer and add function. Now you don’t have to scroll through the list of tags to find the one you need. You simply start typing the needed tag name and you are presented a filtered list of tags. Also you are able to add tags as you go from the same tag filter field.

Pro Tip:

You can dive into Reports with a single click choosing the “Reports” item from the tray icon menu in windows and menubar icon menu in OS X. This opens up the web app, logs you in and redirects you to reports.

Things to come in the near future:

  • Windows full keyboard support – Similar to OS X, we want the user to be able to do all actions in Toggl Desktop without using the mouse. This is faster and more comfortable for the user.
  • Windows redesign – The look of windows application has improved a lot since the first grey implementation, but we are still not pleased with the result. We gave the app to our designer and asked to give it another go. The result is so pretty that we might even consider not updating the windows app design after that.
  • OS X redesign – OS X has always been the lead in the Toggl Desktop design, but as with windows application we feel that it can be better and it will. We are going to come up with a more sleek and just plain awesome look and that’s a promise. I’ve already seen the mockups and fell in love right away.
  • Windows portable app – We have had many requests on this matter and have decided to give it a go. The development of portable version is actually almost ready so this will soon be available.

This is what has and will be going on with Toggl Desktop. I hope you will be continuing to enjoy the journey and the apps. If you have any suggestions or just want to send us some good wishes to help us boost up the development speed, please do send them to support[at]

By On January 21, 2015

  1. The huge flash animation/image at toggl’s home screen is really buggy, it takes a while to load and things slow down.

    Faster loading times make users happy. It might be ideal to reduce the animation’s size, or even better, do away with it altogether and have a minimal login home screen.

    • Sadly this is can not be done. The plug has been pulled for the last time in the m.toggl app.

  2. Windows 10 app please! Have you seen Microsoft’s conference yesterday? All you need to do is one Universal App today and it will work just fine in PCs, tablets, phones and even the Xbox (why you’d need this is beyond but…). The Universal App also works with Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 today so you’re both present and future proofed.

    At least consider it.