What’s new in Toggl Desktop 4.0 Beta – for Windows, Mac and Linux?

  • Whole new layout – clearer, easier, more intuitive
  • Many little improvements in terms of speed and stability (making up a big improvement in usability)
  • Two new keyboard shortcuts:ย r – to reload time entries and b – to go back to home page view.

To download this Beta version:

  • For Windows, click here.
  • For Mac, click here.
  • For Linux 32bit, click here.
  • For Linux 64bit, click here.

As usual, feedback is very welcome – email us on support-at-toggl-dot-com, or even better, send it straight through the new app!

Note to all Desktop Nano and Classic users – all desktop versions before 3.0 will really and truly be deprecated on Friday, November 30th.