Toggl Desktop 4.0 Beta released

What’s new in Toggl Desktop 4.0 Beta – for Windows, Mac and Linux?

  • Whole new layout – clearer, easier, more intuitive
  • Many little improvements in terms of speed and stability (making up a big improvement in usability)
  • Two new keyboard shortcuts: r – to reload time entries and b – to go back to home page view.

To download this Beta version:

  • For Windows, click here.
  • For Mac, click here.
  • For Linux 32bit, click here.
  • For Linux 64bit, click here.

As usual, feedback is very welcome – email us on support-at-toggl-dot-com, or even better, send it straight through the new app!

Note to all Desktop Nano and Classic users – all desktop versions before 3.0 will really and truly be deprecated on Friday, November 30th.

By On November 1, 2012

  1. also using fluxbox if it matters. A BIG BIG BIG thanks for not requiring gnome dependencies and encouragement not to add gnome dependencies. The application is perfect.

    – A longtime toggl lover and (not that long time) Go nut 😀

  2. I had this error:
    “An error has occurred (Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘split’ of undefined). We have been notified, please restart your application”

    I fixed it by clicking my name, clicking logout, and then logging back in.

    For the devs, I’m using debian squeeze with backports and things are working perfectly.

  3. Please bring back the ‘remember me’ option (without password)… I’m getting sick of typing my own email address every time 🙂

  4. Like others I prefer the old design (it feels more normal on a mac, the date separate is better and you can fit more into the same amount of space), but I welcome moving the ‘Refresh’ link to the top of the page.

    It’d be good if you could reduce number of clicks required to delete an item from 3 to 2. A feature that’d also be really handy would be ability to multi-select individual entries and change say, the project or client for all of the selection, if you’ve made a mistake in assigning things (a bit like how iTunes works).

  5. Hi.. The previous Toggl Desktop had a very CLEAR day separation..
    De date was written on a blue background and white text.. and the items where white text and black/grey text below it.. You can look at a glance and catch the dates very easily by just looking at the blue bars in the list..

    If you look at the above image of the new beta.. The date stamp and the item colors are very close to each other. It’s not as obvious anymore at a glance where a day start or an item starts.. Looking at things ‘At a Glance’ is very important with these kind things.. Less brainpower to find things..

    Please have the blue bar back or something that makes a clear separation again… Thanks..

  6. @Neil – we’re in process of whitelisting the new Toggl Desktop with Symantec, who is the producer of Norton Antivirus. Sorry for the hassle!

  7. I have tried installing this beta desktop app on my work laptop, but Norton won’t let me install it as it says it is not safe.

  8. Thank you all for the feedback! There seems be an issue with Windows version that prohibits users from logging in. It will be fixed and the update will be available soon.

    @David, @Simone, @Quang, @SI – we’re looking for ways to make the view more compact. Nano and Classic both had tradeoffs that we think are better solved with the newer version. It is similar to the web version, and we can use the same form-factor for the mobile version.