Toggl Desktop 1.0 – full offline mode

Hello, Time Traveller! You’ve found an ancient post – follow this link to get the latest version of Toggl Desktop for Windows, Mac and Linux.

We just released a new version of Toggl Desktop. It features full offline mode.

That means that you don’t have to have access to Internet to use Toggl Desktop.

There is one prerequisite: the first login has to be done while connected to the Internet. Toggl Desktop has to download your projects and tasks and save them on your hard drive.

After that, you can log in/out, open/close the app, create/delete/modify tasks without an Internet connection. The changes made while being offline will be uploaded to our server when Toggl Desktop detects the presence of a connection. You, as a user, won’t have to do anything.

Currently it is not possible to add clients and projects while being offline.

If your Toggl Desktop is currently running and would like to upgrade, then just close the application and reopen it. It will then give you the possibility to download the new version.


Toggl Team

By On April 22, 2009

  1. Amazing app! I’m just trying to become more organized and a better time manager, and this is absolutely awesome!

  2. Aah, yes. We’ll release a new version with some additional functionality (planned tasks and improved autopilot) in a few weeks. It will be fixed there.

  3. The new version (1.0.1) doesn’t disappear on me anymore, but now it won’t minimize to the icon-taskbar. It just stays on the toolbar

  4. I have the same bug mentionned above regarding the systray restoring issue.
    If it can help, I noticed than when toggl opens up after a no-activity period, the restoration is working. When I stay away from the computer and toggl asks whether I want to keep or remove time counted, the window correctly show up from the systray.

  5. In case you don’t have a work-around, it appears to be this:
    Once minimized:
    Click the notify icon.
    Right-click the “Toggl Desktop” in the taskbar and “Restore”
    Right-click it again and “Move”.
    Then press an arrow key.
    Then use your mouse to position it, clicking when done.

    Other variations on the last two steps work too.

  6. I have problems restoring the window after minimizing it to tray (using Vista). But beside that it’s great 😉