Toggl Desktop 0.9.5 !


We just released a new version of the popular Toggl Desktop.

Improvements that exist in the Toggl web and now have effect in Toggl Desktop:

  • secure SSL connection
  • automatic starting of tasks
  • task retention days (how many days do old tasks stay in the Timer)


Toggl Team

By On December 4, 2008

  1. Hi Dave, thanks for the praise!
    In the new, 0.9.6 version, Toggl Desktop is able to close the running task, when you close Toggl Desktop. The setting can be configured from the web (stop running tasks on exit).

  2. Hi there, thanks for toggl! its a fantastic tool for my every (work)day management. But I have a question:when shuting down windows without stopping/closing toggl desktop the timer keeps running and when I start the next day I have plenty of hours tracked. How can I configure the client that it stops tracking when the computer shuts down?

    thanks and keep up the good work!

  3. After restarting the program after initial installation and restart, the UI seems to be back to normal. Very odd.

    Though after using it several days, I am having a second issue. It seems, possibly after starting a new task, stopping it immediately, and manually editing the time (to add tasks that I dont do at my computer), toggl thinks the timer is still running and will pop up the “you’ve been away from the computer” note even though it is not currently counting.

  4. Cathe, do you have automatic task starting enabled? If it is enabled, then it should start the timer immediately.

    Maybe you could try again to change durations, because we haven’t changed this functionality.

    Right now you can not delete old projects, you can make them inactive. However we are thinking about this deletion possibility.

  5. I am having the same issues as Mike. I click on a task and it adds a new tag, immediately starts the timer, and I can not change time durations as before.
    This is creating an issue for me. How do I fix the time on projects?
    Also, can I delete old projects?

  6. This is weird because the right click should act like it did before. We have not made any changes to the UI. The only changes are the ones listed in this blog post.

    These options (SSL, task retention days and automatic starting) are all configurable from the Toggl web under “My Settings”. We’ll add a hint about it for the user to Toggl Desktops My Settings form.

  7. When changes to the UI are made I STRONGLY suggest you document/ warn people about them prior to installation. I used to be able to right click tasks and make them go away. Now it starts counting again!! I see one task says 0:00 now, which I know it had a lot more prior to right clicking it, so I dont know if I lost it or what. I’m all for continued improvement, but this isn’t the first time you’ve made changes without any warning to the user.

    Additionally, I see no way to configure the task retention time.